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The Future of Dental Modeling: Expanding Options Thru Augmented Reality

Imagine a world where you can see the results of your dental operations before you undergo it? Sometimes, we want to see what’s going to happen to us and if the pain we will go through during the operation is worth it in the end. Through the development of ETH …

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Dental Bonding to Alter the Look and Feel of Your Teeth

Dental bonding is a method that can help in eliminating the appearance of chipped, cracked, discolored, or size and shape abnormalities of your tooth/teeth. A bonding solution will be used to fill any damage in your existing teeth. The solution will then be patterned in a way that will match …

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Puffco Plus vs. Puffco 2: Which One is Right for You

Choosing between two powerful vaporizers such as the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro 2 may seem a bit challenging. Both are exceptional vaporizers that are robust, powerful and ultimately affordable. Both vaporizers feature an innovative design that offers a satisfying vaping experience, and that is the fact that they …

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Cloud based CRM sales – the right answer for your business?

If your business revolves around sales operations, finding an option to make your processes more effective is probably one of your desires. Upon research you will discover that many business with the same profile have started to resort to cloud based CRM sales solutions. This type of software product comes …

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Breast Implants: Silicone VS Saline, Cost, Problems

Due to the development of plastic surgery, one can totally change every parts of body. Especially women can get their body transformed to get their desired sexy look. Breast implants is such a technique that every women wants to perform. However, this breast augmentation is for those women who love …

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