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The Healing Properties of Nature for Substance Abuse

Medicine And Nature

Throughout the decades, there has been adequate research performed about the healing properties that can be found by connecting with nature. Whether it’s from stress at work, school, or just daily life, many have been told to disconnect from the world and take a few days to spend in nature. This has also been utilized to treat substance abuse. While the healing may not actually be able to be explained, there is no doubt a change–even if a subtle one–for those who have experienced drug abuse in their life. However, for those who prefer a wholesome and holistic approach to healing, it’s difficult to find drug rehab programs in Utah that combine both modern medicine and healing properties of nature.

At least until Pinnacle Recovery opened its doors. Located near the beautiful Cottonwood Canyons, this recovery center has the unique blend of proven therapies that help addicts to recover their life as well as providing a healing environment by residing close to beautiful scenery. Guests here can take part in rehabilitation or an AA program, and then take a walk on their expansive grounds to help themselves feel grounded.

Pinnacle Recovery supports their guests to take advantage of their gorgeous setting. The facility has numerous walking trails and offers sessions in both yoga and meditation to make the most of the healing properties of nature combined with the mind. With this dual dose of healing, you or someone you know will be equipped with the strength and resources to take back your life from addiction.

The Slippery Slope

For some, however, you may not fully realize how heavy a role addiction is playing in your life. As such, here are a few signs you may need drug rehab to consider. One of the biggest signs of addiction is a loss of care over the harmful consequences that come about by using the drug. You’re aware that injecting this, smoking that, or sniffing this will harm you in the long run, but the high that you receive matters more than your physical health.

You may also experience a loss of control over your actions. There may be a desire to stop. You may even be aware that you need to stop yourself from using the drug, but the need for it overrides the desire to stop. This can easily go hand-in-hand with another sign which is denial. Either denial over the fact that you are addicted or denial that it is harming your body. Both of these can make it easier to remain rooted in your addiction.

There are physical signs that you are addicted as well. While these vary according to the drug being used, some of the most common signs are enlarged or small pupils, insomnia, bloodshot eyes, a sudden decrease or increase in weight, body odors, slurred speech, poor physical coordination, and a general appearance of unkemptness. These are signs that you may miss. As such, if you have a trusted friend and they make these remarks to you about your physical appearance, you should do your best to take them to heart and consider what they are saying.

Programs For You

Pinnacle Recovery is earnest in its desire to help you or someone you know return to a sober life. As such, they have numerous programs available for the varying needs of those with addictions. Their most intensive approach is inpatient rehab. As its name might suggest, those who choose to select this program are invited to stay at the beautiful facility. A case manager is assigned to each individual so that a bond can be formed between the two, and so that the case manager can understand the individual’s specific needs and tailor a program exactly to them. In this way, the individual is given the best treatment possible designed specifically for them rather than following a cookie cutter program that may not help them at all.

For an inpatient program, you may stay 30 days to 90 days depending on the severity of your addiction. It’s also suggested to remain longer as the more time you spend at the facility, the easier it will be to maintain a sober lifestyle once you leave the facility.

For those who are serious about being sober, Pinnacle Recovery can be your guiding hand.