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What to Do If Your Child Is Injured in A Bicycle Accident

Truth is we have all encountered minor accidents in our childhood. Of course, it is indeed a part of growing up. Whether you were raised in a suburb, a village, or a town, you must have missed a step and hurt your head badly. However, in the current generation, bicycle accidents are the most reported cases for child head injuries.

Below are several tips on what to do if your child is injured in a bicycle accident.

  • Perform first aid

This is perhaps the most important thing to do after the crash. Injuries should be treated immediately to prevent infection from germs. In case you don’t know how to perform first aid, seek immediate medical care from the nearest medical clinic. Note that, even if the injury might seem minor, you should never ignore it. Your child might have had an internal injury. Take the accident seriously and proceed to the next step even when you feel certain your child is fine.

  • Gather evidence by taking pictures

In case it was a collision between your child and a motorist or any other party, ensure you gather as much evidence as possible. You can take pictures of your child’s injuries as well. Leave the damaged properties including your child’s bicycle untouched. This will help with the investigation if you decide to call the police.

  • Call the police

A bicycle accident should never be ignored, however minor it might be, and should be taken as a serious case. After performing first aid and gathering the required evidence, call the police immediately. Reporting the incidence can prove useful in case you will require insurance coverage. Even if your child’s injuries might not be obvious, gaining a police report will help solve any further disagreements that may emerge later.

  • Get witnesses

Unless the accident occurred in the middle of a forest, there must be someone who might have seen or heard the crash. Enquire from the passersby and get the witnesses’ contacts. This will help with your child’s case if it proceeds to a lawsuit.

  • Hire an attorney

If your child’s injuries are serious, hire an attorney prior to contacting the insurance companies. Alternatively, like in a San Francisco bicycle accident, you can also decide to hire a street lawyer. Communicate with your attorney and let him or her give directions on what should be done. Further, if the case will require a lawsuit, your attorney will play a key role in ensuring that your child is compensated.

Your child deserves the best level of care and love from you. Taking the necessary steps especially when serious accidents come up will prove invaluable. Ask for legal help if need be and, most importantly, stay  by your child’s side throughout the entire process.