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How to Choose the Right Fitness Class for You

Do you need a reason to put on those sneakers and head to the gym? Participating in a group fitness class Ann Arbor MI is a great way to stay motivated. Now all you need to do is decide on which class is right for you, using these suggestions.

Consider Your Fitness Level

Some classes are geared towards teaching beginners, while others are for those with advanced training. Give yourself an honest assessment so that you don’t go into a class where you feel awkward or risk possible injury from overdoing it. If the class feels too basic for you, advancing to a more challenging one is easily done.

Ask for Recommendations From a Personal Trainer

Working with a personal trainer allows you to receive valuable insight into choosing the right fitness class for you. As they are affiliated with your gym and are knowledgeable about your fitness level, they can give you advice on which class you might enjoy the most.

Keep the Season in Mind

During the summertime, you may already be getting a lot of aerobic exercise in the great outdoors. During this time, you may appreciate dabbling in something else such as core strength training. On the other hand, in cold weather, you may enjoy a blood-pumping sweaty cardio training session that will warm you right up.


Sometimes you won’t really know if a fitness class is right for you unless you try it out. Aspects that may influence your feelings about it include the music, the setting, and the teacher. If you are willing to give the class a couple of tries, alternating the time of day and instructors, you may be able to find the perfect combination that you are pleased with.

Keep in mind that you can switch things up whenever you like. When it comes to fitness, boredom is the enemy. Trying new classes from time to time will breathe life into your fitness routine.