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February 21, 2018

Nutritional Guidelines in Maintaining Your Healthy Teeth and Gums

Many people are unaware of the importance of oral health. It will not only affect your smile and confidence but will also affect the health of your body as a whole. The truth is there is a significant connection between your oral health and your dental health. That’s why your nutrition has a major role in your oral health just like what it does to all the other parts of our body.

It is also important to always consult your dentist when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums. Dentists such as the ones in are trained professionals who are expert in the field of dentistry. They make sure that patients achieve quality dental health care. In addition, getting dental services will help you follow nutritional guidelines in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Read on to know the top ten nutritional foods that can help you maintain your oral health.


Cheese lovers would surely be happy to know that their favorite is good for their teeth and gums. Some types of cheese such as cheddar cheese are rich in calcium, which helps decrease the acidity in your mouth. Surprisingly, munching hard cheese can increase the production of your saliva, which can wash off bacteria in your mouth.


Milk is indeed nutritional not only for your bones and body but also for your dental health. It is considered as the best liquid for your teeth. You are aware that it’s rich in calcium and also in other elements that are important in strengthening the bones and teeth. In addition to this, milk prevents tooth decay for it also lowers the acid level in your mouth.


Water has plenty of amazing benefits for your body. It is your body’s superhero! When it comes to dental care, water is considered as one that washes off waste particles from your mouth. Through this, decay and cavity could be prevented. It also increases the level of your saliva. In fact, saliva is your best friend in fighting plaque for it naturally contains minerals and proteins that prevent the decaying of your tooth. So keep yourself hydrated to avoid having cavities.

Green leafy vegetables

This is the food that your teeth and gums needs. Eating green leafy vegetables are rich in acid, calcium and other minerals and vitamins that you and your dental health needs. You will become healthier and live longer.


This is a crucial part of your dental diet. It is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins particularly vitamin D. Eating foods rich in vitamin D could help in absorbing calcium better and keep in mind that calcium is healthy for your teeth and gums.


Almost all meat is good for you orally. Most of the nutrients you need can be achieved through eating meat. Organs and/ or red meat are especially beneficial for your health and your teeth as well.

Black and green tea

When you drink tea, think of polyphenols. If you want to reduce the bacteria and other waste particles that your mouth has, then try drinking tea more often. Tea also has fluoride that is an important element in keeping your teeth healthy. In order not to ruin these elements and nutrients, it is better to drink unsweetened tea.


Almonds, cashews and Brazil nuts are specific when it comes to providing you full health benefits for your teeth. It comes with different minerals and vitamins good for protecting your teeth from tooth decay and the increase of bacteria.


Chewing gums serves as a cleanser for it could gather all waste particles that your mouth has. It could also increase saliva production that is great for fighting tooth decay.


This is definitely one in a box for your teeth. It is with probiotics and calcium that keeps you protected from gum disease, cavities and moreover bad breath.

Final thoughts

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is not much work. You just have to eat and live healthily. Good food can help you a lot with this goal. One should be well aware of the right nutrients that your teeth and gums need. With a proper nutritional diet, you can live a wonderful, long life.