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Signs That Your Teen Is Hiding A Substance Abuse Problem

Being a parent of a teenager can be quite stressful depending on the temperament of the teen. Substance abuse is something that spans all income levels, genders, and everything in between so everyone needs to be aware of the signs. Addiction is not going to be something that solves itself overnight as addictions worsen to the point of sometimes leading to death. Catching an addiction fast enough can make it much easier on the path to recovery as reducing symptoms of withdrawal can lead a person to agree to treatment much faster. The following are signs that your teen is hiding a substance abuse problem.

Finding Drugs/Alcohol or Paraphernalia

Finding the drugs/alcohol or paraphernalia is the best indication that your teen has a substance abuse problem. There is no such thing as doing heroin every once in a while or cocaine just a few times a month. Even if an addiction is not present being arrested with these things can ruin a teen’s bright future. Drug usage might seem like the norm if your teen is running with the wrong crowd but this is a slippery slope that many people go down when starting out addictive patterns.

The Dentist Alerts You

For those under the age of 18 their parents can be told their medical information versus those over 18 when this would be a HIPPA violation. Many drugs lead people to excessive grinding of the teeth as well as tooth decay. If all of a sudden a teen has this that has never had these symptoms before a dentist will be sure to tell you. Look into this as the dentist is a medical professional so this is the time to keep an eye out. Do not outright confront your teen but take a closer look at their behaviors as confronting them might lead them to hide them much better. Dentists like those at can also help repair teeth that have been damaged due to substance abuse as this is a very common procedure.

Money or Valuable Start Missing

If all of a sudden money keeps going missing or valuables are missing from around the house this could be a sign your teen is in some kind of trouble. Drugs for the most part are expensive for any teenager even if they work as most teenagers are making minimum wage. With this being said drugs like heroin require more and more to attain the same high so the amounts per purchase might be increasing for your teen.

Grades Drop

Grades dropping can be a sign of various problems that your teen might be having. A teen that took pride in their grades suddenly letting their grades drop could be a sign of depression, bullying, or substance abuse. There is no excuse not to know your teen’s grades as most schools have online platforms where parents can view the grades of their student. One bad test does not mean your child is on drugs but multiple missed assignments and failing to do well on any tests after never missing an assignment could be.

Keep a close eye on your teen as addiction can impact even the best and brightest. Catch an addiction early and help your teen through their issues with professional help.