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Substance Abuse Recovery 101: How To Begin Leading A Life Of Holistic Health

Substance abuse can tear an individual’s life apart. This fact becomes plain upon consideration of the financial, social, professional and legal issues that tend to surface when an individual is addicted to an illicit substance. In recognizing the fact that drug addiction can turn a person’s world upside down and leave them in a state of seemingly endless turmoil, it’s important for those who wish to recover to attain information regarding which lifestyle changes should be implemented to facilitate holistic health and restoration. Below you’ll find several strategies that can facilitate the desired outcome:

1. Acknowledge The Reality Of Addiction.

The first step to putting substance abuse in the past is acknowledging the reality of addiction. This step is imperative because many people systematically lie to themselves about the fact that they are struggling with substance abuse issues. When individuals repeat lies in their head such as “I only do drugs at parties” or “I can drop this habit at any time,” they create a mental world marked by rationalization and excuse making which keeps the drug issue alive and active. If you have gotten to the point of repeating lies in your head for so long that you really believe you are not addicted, know that there are several signs that you can look for to determine whether addiction is present. Some of them include:

-ongoing financial issues due to spending money on drugs
-compromised work productivity due to side effects like lethargy and poor concentration
-ongoing social isolation due to drugs dominating one’s time and mental life
-experience of withdrawal symptoms when one tries ot quit drugs

2. Find The Right Treatment Clinic.

In addition to acknowledging the reality of addiction, make sure that you find the right treatment clinic. Finding the right treatment clinic is imperative because you’ll attain ongoing recovery services and support from trained professionals who understand the specific issues and challenges that you’ll face throughout your journey into holistic restoration. Some things to think about when you start looking for the right treatment clinic include how long the company has been operating, what types of credentials its professionals have, and what their success rate is. (insert keyword here).

3. Eat Life-Giving Foods.

One of the best ways to reverse the damage created by long-standing abuse of drugs is by eating life-giving foods. These foods will help restore your body at the cellular level while also providing you with the energy and mood stability necessary to remain productive and positive in your personal and professional life. Some of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet are dark green leafy greens like spinach and kale, so think about ways that you can incorporate these items into your diet. Also know that if you have gained weight due to your drug addiction, this reality may be compromising your self-esteem. You can use appetite suppressant pills such as those offered by ThinCo to shed pounds and restore your inner confidence.


Recovering addicts who are serious about overcoming their substance abuse issue should know that anything is possible. Yet simply accepting this concept as true is not enough. Additionally, you must act on this truth principle by implementing health strategies that will metabolize recovery. Three strategies that can help optimize and expedite your journey into recovery are outlined above. Implement some or all of these success strategies to make real health and effective recovery your new normal.