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Three Tips for How to Travel When You’re Disabled

Just because you or someone that you love is disabled doesn’t mean that traveling the world is impossible. It may be harder to get where you want to go when you’re facing a disability that makes it hard to get around, but you don’t have to be stuck home. Luckily, there are some easy ways that you can make traveling with a disability more possible and convenient. Here are three tips to consider the next time that you are planning a trip for yourself or someone that you love with a disability.

Take Your Own Ride

Nothing gives you the freedom of mobility when you’re in a wheelchair like having your own vehicle. Unfortunately, most cars, trucks, and vans simply aren’t able to work with a wheelchair or other device that helps people get around. Instead, look for a specialized van that can comfortably and safely accommodate your wheelchair. They are often more affordable than you think. For example, look for vans for sale in Georgia from a reputable provider like RR Van to find a vehicle that will meet your need. Soon, you’ll be on the road and nothing will be able to stop you.

Ask for Accommodating Rooms

Every hotel and motel in the United States offers at least one room that is accessible to people in a wheelchair. This is thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which made it a legal requirement that all businesses make sure that people in wheelchairs are able to access their goods and services. A room that accommodates a wheelchair will have wider doorways and a bathroom that is made to fit the needs of the disabled. Take advantage of these things when you are traveling and let the right room make you feel right at home.

Ask in Advance

Don’t plan a trip to any location without first calling and checking to make sure that they can accommodate you. This will save you a lot of hassle and heartbreak. Most popular tourist destinations will try to make it work for you.