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What You Should Know Dupuytren’s Contracture

Over a period of years or decades, many individuals begin to develop a deformity in one or both hands known as Dupuytren’s contracture. This condition manifests when tissue in the palms thickens and forces the tendons of fingers to curl them inwards. Eventually, the contracture of the hand’s fascia creates a corded or rope-like development that can run across the middle of the palm or near the outside of the palm next to the pinky and ring finger. When left untreated, Dupuytren’s contracture may result in a considerable mobility impairment and make it very difficult for a person to grip and hold onto things.

Dupuytren’s Develops Slowly

Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition that presents itself somewhat slowly. The first indications may be a hardening of fascia in your hand or the formation of small nodules along the area where your fingers meet your palm. You will likely notice a considerable change in texture prior to noticing a limitation in how you are able to move your fingers. Early intervention can be advantageous in avoiding some of the more serious symptoms of Dupuytren’s and successfully treating your condition with minimally invasive therapy.

Surgical Treatment May Prevent Dupuytren’s From Worsening

In some instances, surgical intervention may be the best way to restore some mobility to a person’s hand and stop the contracture from further restricting movement. If you need help from a hand doctor Houston address mobility problems, reach out to a specialist who is experienced in treating a variety of progressive conditions.

Injection Therapy Can Slow the Condition’s Progression

Localized steroid injections can help alleviate inflammation and help the hand’s fascia retain its structural integrity. It may be necessary to continue getting injections on a regular basis rather in order for the treatments to remain effective. Other than surgery, therapeutic injections are the only treatment that can prevent the condition’s symptoms from getting worse over time.