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4 Great Advices from Podiatrists to Keep Your Feet Healthy

You might wonder what a podiatrist is. But put simply, a podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM) who addresses all issues of ankle, foot and related parts of the leg.

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Naturally you may expect to get some advice from expert podiatrists like the ones at about your foot’s health. So, here are a few.

1. A Solution for Smelly Feet

We all experience smelly feet some or the other time in life. First you have to understand the reason for the smell.

There are more sweat glands in your hands and feet than in any other organ. When your feet perspire, the sweat mixes with the bacteria in your shoes or socks giving out the smell.

Solution to this is to soak your feet for 30 minutes in a warm foot-bath wherein you should drop a bag of black tea. This will eliminate the bacteria and smell.

2. Wear High Heels – But Don’t Stand on Them for Long

According to podiatrists, high heels are not necessarily bad for everyone’s feet. It’s fine if you will be wearing them with 2 to 4 inch height to a job or event where you’ll be sitting most of the time.

Problem arises when you stand or walk wearing them all the time during the day.

High heels exert pressure on your Achilles tendon and may make your feet, knees and hips overwork, thereby causing posture and balance problems.

Also your feet may not be able to absorb shock due to high heels causing pain.

So, if possible, stand in your high heels only for two hours and when you return home, comfort your feet and legs with some cold water for 10-15 minutes and straighten out your Achilles tendons.

3. Beware of Stress Fracture

It’s a misconception that stress fractures happen only to runners because they regularly pound the pavement.

Actually stress fractures can happen to any person who performs any sort of repetitive movement, particularly if it’s a sudden increment in exercise, e.g. if you walk around the city for the whole day.

Women losing bone mass are at a greater risk of stress fractures. So, take care if you are on a vacation; take a taxi or similar transportation in between your walking tours.

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4. Check if There is a Fatal Spot on the Feet

It’s hard for anyone to imagine a sign of skin cancer on their feet. But melanoma on the foot, particularly on its bottom, is extremely dangerous because it usually remains unnoticed.

It’s advisable to see your dermatologist or podiatrist at expert podiatry Dee Why like ModPod Podiatry once a year for skin and feet check.

Also, you on your own should check your feet at home once a month. Take a close look at your feet, their bottoms, under toenails and between toes.

See if you can notice any dark spots or scaly, pearly or red spots there. Watch for any dark lines or streaks or protrusions on your nails.

If you notice any such abnormality, see your doctor immediately. If the skin cancer is detected early, it can be cured almost always.

Take good care of your feet with the help of your podiatrist and live a happy life!