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A Colon in Chaos Can Find the Road to Better Bowel Movements

When your colon is in chaos, it needs to find its way to better health and better bowel movements, so here are some items to help.

Four truths regarding the colon:

1) It is the sewer of the body.

2) If you live long enough and it goes un-cleansed, you will absolutely have herniation of the bowel.

3) The number one cancer among men and women is colon/rectal cancer.

4) When the colon is healthy you should have 2 or more solid bowel movements each day.

Five questions to ask yourself to determine whether you need colon cleansing:

1) Are your bowel movements effortless or do they require time?

2) Do you have 2-3 movements each day… without fail?

3) Is your morning BM at least 6-12″ long and the other about half the size?

4) Do your poops come out within seconds of each other or do you have to do the “magazine wait? ”

5) Are you full of energy without any bloating?

How did you do? If you answered “no” to any of those questions you probably need to have your colon cleansed.

Here are five things you can do to improve your colon’s health:

1) Make sure to have fiber in your diet, because it promotes firm and healthy bowel movements. (veggies and sprouted whole grain breads will DEFINITELY help. )#)

2) Drink lots of water because it naturally detoxifies the body.

3) Place yourself in more of a squatting position when you sit on the toilet. Some “experts” even suggest pulling your feet up onto the rim of the toilet, but that can prove a bit difficult for many people, and you don’t want to injure yourself. So if you have a step stool that you can place your feet on in front of the toilet, that will help.

The squatting way of elimination is how “nature” intended for us to eliminate, and about 2/3 of the earth’s population uses this method in order to “take care of their business. ” Plus, interestingly enough, those cultures have almost no appendicitis, colitis, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, or colon cancer.

4) Do a colon flush with an over-the-counter product from your local health food store.

5) Take a colon flush daily.

Here’s a basic question for you: do you take out the trash from your home on a regular basis? If you answered “yes, ” which, of course, any reasonable person would, then I have to ask this: why wouldn’t you remove the trash from your body and be every bit as concerned to keep it cleansed?