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Take Care of Your Feet

Feet are usually one of the must uncared parts of our body, so they end up rough and dry. In the summer we usually decorate them with a nice pare of sandals.

Healthy feet helps us affront life in a more positive way and makes us feel much confident about ourselves, but when callus appear is a totally different situation, we usually hide them inside a pair of closed shoes and our confident decreases.

How to Prevent and Eliminate Callus?

Here are some natural methods to prevent or eliminate callus: It is recommended to walk barefoot en soft places like when walking in grass, sand, rug, etc. it is a healthy exercise for them, activating circulation and it helps them breath freely, letting them rest better by not having something making pressure on them.

When your feet are tired and hurt a lot pit them in warm water for a couple of minutes. If you want you could add lavender oil to the water for a relaxing feeling. If you have someone to do it, feet massages are great from time to time.

Always use a moisturizing cream, applying it with soft massages, concentrating more in the heel zone to keep it soft and moisturized, because it tends to get dry.

Also cover your feet for a couple of hours with cotton socks, and limit your time using shoes that expose your heel to the air to prevent them getting dry. If you have dry heels you can make them softer and nicer with this.

Submerge your feet in hot water for about 20 minutes, dry them and use a pumice stone to rub them. Do this 2 or 3 times a week until you get the wanted results. If you have callus use an insole every time you go to parties, and when you get back submerge them in salt water.

This is home method are good but aren’t a definitive solution, the best you can do to eliminate callus is going to your doctor.


*Use comfortable shoes
* Don’t use high heels
*Use smooth socks
*Massage your feet before going to bed