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5 Tasks to Get Done in 2017 in Ajax

This year is the year of getting organized and making room in your life for the things that matter to you the most. With another year done, this is your year to organize that cabinet, repaint that bathroom, clean out that garage, reach a goal, or make that appointment with a Pickering dentist. Here are five tasks to get done in 2017:

5 Tasks to Get Done in 2017

1. Organize your kitchen cupboards, cabinets and drawers.

This is your year to get the ultimate organization done and out of the way! Everyone has at least a few unorganized areas in their home. Typically, it’s our cabinets, pantries, cupboards and drawers that really collect the most random clutter. And that’s okay – it’s tough to organize. However, holding onto things we don’t need only creates disorder. So clean out that junk drawer, organize all the food items in your cupboard, and try to make some sense out of these areas. You’ll feel rejuvenated and refreshed, we promise.

2. Thirty to forty-five minutes of physical activity at least four times a week.

Fitness is so important, and studies show that leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause serious health issues down the road. In order to have that higher life expectancy, you’ve got to get your behind in motion! Anything that burns calories and gets your heart rate up is fantastic, so don’t be afraid to pursue all types of fitness. It can be rocking out to a song at home, hula hooping in your backyard, playing frisbee at the park, walking your dog, or going to a trampoline park. The sky is the limit – make your fitness hours fun!

3. A visit to the dentist or orthodontist.

Booking an appointment with the dental office is the perfect take-charge task you should add to your to-do list! It only takes about an hour of your time in all and can easily be made to fit with your schedule (after all, you’re the one making the appointment). Why not find a Pickering dentist and make an appointment? That way, you’ll have your teeth nice and clean and you’ll know that you don’t have to keep it in the back of your mind any longer.

Find a Pickering dentist or even consult with an orthodontist if you’re looking to get braces in Ajax. Get those braces out of the way with a reliable office – search braces in Ajax and get the straight smile you’ve always wanted. The sooner you arrange to get braces in Ajax, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile!

4. Book yourself a massage.

Honestly, you work so much, but do you ever treat yourself? Make this the year that you book that massage! Sometimes it’s just nice to take a moment and relax. You deserve it – book yourself a massage and feel rejuvenated. You’ll be glad you did.

5. Adopt a shelter animal.

This could be your year to welcome a new member of the family! There are plenty of shelters out there that have adorable animals looking for their forever home. Could this be your year to rescue an animal and gain the cutest dog or cat in the world? Hopefully!