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Complete Dentures in Abbotsford: The Perfect Way to Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you’ve lost your teeth due to the natural aging process, periodontal illness, or even just an accident, it’s tempting to think that having all of them removed and getting complete dentures in Abbotsford will solve all your problems. Yes, dentures will reinvent your dental function for an affordable cost. The process of obtaining these artificial teeth starts with the dentist removing any remaining teeth from your gums. Like invasive surgery, there’s a healing process involved, so you have to wait for about one and a half months for the gums to settle. Just think, if you get full dentures you’ll greatly reduce your dental bills, and if you don’t have a nice smile now, you soon will. However, remember that dentures aren’t a replacement for teeth. Instead, they are for those who have no teeth.
The Panacea of Missing Teeth
Complete dentures, which can be perfectly installed in a denture clinic, are customized to match gum tissue and hold prosthetic teeth in place by attaching to the gums or through dental implants. Complete dentures are of two broad categories – immediate and conventional. An individual who’s had teeth removal can receive immediate dentures the same day. This spares them the embarrassment of staying without teeth for some weeks. Immediate dentures also help minimize bleeding of the gum tissues. However, these are often more expensive than conventional dentures because they usually need to be realigned after healing and shrinking of the gums.
Conventional dentures are long-lasting and can be worn for years, depending on the patient’s bone loss and the level of maintenance. Patients can get fitted with conventional dentures as soon as six weeks following teeth removal, but some dental professionals recommend waiting longer.
Once complete, your dentures in Abbotsford are comfortably fitted onto your gums to see if there are still a few uncertainties that need clarification or adjustment:
It’s true that dentures are a perfect replacement for missing natural teeth, but you might face difficulties when having every day conversations. When speaking very fast you may find that your dentures are making a clicking noise. Take it easy, slow down and the clicking will stop. The more you practice speaking the easier and more comfortable it will be. You can also visit your denture clinic for extra coaching.
Eating can also be difficult with newly installed dentures, but with some practice you’ll be effortlessly munching on your favourite foods once more. It’s advisable that you begin with soft foods or small cut pieces before progressing to hot or hard foods. This will help you adopt the habit of utilizing both sides of the mouth. If one side is overused, the lopsided motion can affect the fitting of the denture.
Oral Care
Taking care of your mouth will be as important with dentures as with teeth. You still need to ensure that your gums are as healthy as possible. Brush your gums, tongue and ridges of your mouth regularly with a soft bristled bush. All in all, full dentures will enable you to regain your dental function and feel great again. In fact, complete dentures can look as real as your natural teeth, so you can smile confidently for years to come.