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Invisible braces are the new trend – Gone are those days of visible braces!

Misaligned or crooked teeth can not only make you look ugly but will also make cleaning your teeth tough. Teeth that can’t be cleaned property can lead to periodontal disease in the long run and there will also be risks of bone and gum damage. A proper way of aligning teeth is to wear teeth braces. But the only sad part of wearing braces is that the conventional braces are much less than attractive and not only that, they’re even extremely uncomfortable and can also be painful to wear permanently. Adults are usually too embarrassed to wear such visible braces.

With the advancement of technology, there have been invisible braces or Invisalign which are now being considered as a great alternative to ugly-looking and painful traditional braces. If you didn’t know their benefits, here are few reasons behind choosing Invisalign or invisible braces.

Reason #1: Improved appearance

When you wear metal braces, this can make you look unattractive and often ugly too as your smile will display the chunks of unsightly metal. When an adult wears them, they are noticeable and food can even get caught in between the metal, the wearer not being aware of it. Invisalign braces are rarely noticeable and the person who wears it seems to be not wearing any braces at all. Hence, it needs no mention that they are more attractive than their metal counterparts.

Reason #2: Extremely comfortable

When you wear metal braces, the braces have to be kept in the right place until and unless they’re professional removed by your dentist. This is often an uncomfortable thing that the wearer bears with as he/she might not be able to remove the lenses as per his/her wish. If for some reason, the wearer of Invisalign wishes to remove the braces after eating something, he/she may do so instantly.

Reason #3: Safe and secure

The traditional braces are made up of wire and other protruding bits of metal which can often scratch the inside portion of the gums and mouth. Clear braces are comfortable and smooth and they don’t have any sharp edges which can hurt your gum. The traditional wired braces could adversely impact decaying teeth and demineralization and they also exert a great deal of pressure to straighten your teeth. Such issues are not there with Invisalign.

Reason #4: Patients know what to expect

When dental patients consider Invisalign, the patients go through a treatment which is entirely computerized and hence they know what to expect from the treatment and the duration of time through which they will need the braces before they start wearing them. Conventional braces are a trial-and-error situation where the wearer has no idea of what is to come out of it.

Overall, we see that invisible braces have few clear advantages as compared to their metal counterparts. Though the costs are slightly higher, yet it’s worth the price. They pose fewer risks for gums and teeth and also give you a confident smile.