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The Future of Dental Modeling: Expanding Options Thru Augmented Reality

Imagine a world where you can see the results of your dental operations before you undergo it? Sometimes, we want to see what’s going to happen to us and if the pain we will go through during the operation is worth it in the end. Through the development of ETH spin-off Kapanu, otherwise known as “Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine”, all these will be possible.


CEO Roland Mörzinger has made it possible for patients to see how a certain operation is going to affect their overall health and appearance within a matter of seconds. It’s much more effective than just seeing models of plaster that’s made to the liking of the patient’s teeth. With this new technology, the patient will have a wider choice on what they want to do with their teeth. He sees this new technology as a great tool to improve dental care.

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As the machine needs information to be able to project the image of the teeth, a scan of the patient’s teeth is going to be fed to the database. For a much more precise display, a 3D scan is going to be performed as well.

To do the procedure, the dentist is going to manipulate and superimpose the images, showing the patient what is most likely going to happen to the their teeth after the operation. All these can be achieved in a matter of seconds and with just a few clicks of a mouse.

The patient will have choice of how the tooth is going to appear, from its shape, size, and even color. Once the patient is satisfied with the augmented reality results, the dentist can feed the data to the 3D teeth modelling software. Thanks to this augmented reality technology, the patient won’t need to have multiple fittings to see if the teeth feels right or if the teeth match the shade of the other teeth that’s already in the patient’s mouth. All they have to do is see the dentist to have the final tooth fitted.


Last March 2017, the technology was finally presented at the International Dentist Show that was held at Cologne. Attendees, dental technicians, dental hygienist, and dentists had the pleasure of trying it out for themselves. The response was overwhelming, according to the CEO. With the success of the product’s exhibition, a lot of dental companies have expressed their interest in having either a collaboration or in buying the technology itself.


Time and again, technology has proven to make things much easier. With the Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine, both the dentist and the patient will not only save time but also money and effort.