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5 Meditation techniques that prove to be easier than you think

Getting started with meditation could be intimidating for a few who know its benefits too, because of the highly intimidating picture of a person sitting in lotus position with the eyes closed. It is intimidating because you could in no way imagine getting into the position forget sitting for half an hour in that position. You no longer need to be intimidated with such things because there are practically a number of types of meditation for you to choose the style you are comfortable with and the lotus position is only an option and not at all a compulsory feature of meditation. Meditation Techniques are quite simple for even beginners to follow and can also be done in a shortspan of time.

Easy to follow meditation techniques

Meditation techniques that will be easy for the beginners to follow and practice it regularly include

Breathing Meditation

This is the most basic form of meditation. This technique is easy to follow as well. you only have to sit in a position that is comfortable for you, close your eyes and breathe naturally through your nose. While you breathe direct your attention to your breath. Take care not to change or even control are likely to encounter random thoughts that barge into your head. just label it as a thought and focus your attention once again on the breath. This meditation technique will help you to train your brain to stay focused in the present despite chatter of thoughts.

Mantra Meditation

This involves reciting a mantra while you are seated comfortably with your eyes closed, it is also called the chanting meditation and the traditional mantra is “ohm”. You may also chant a mantra that you find meaningful. Even while chanting the mantra, there is a chance for a lapse of focus now and then. You would have to identify that the mind has drifted and get back to the present each time.

Walking Meditation

This Meditation technique is categorized as moving meditation. This is ideal for you if you are a person for whom sitting in a place is very difficult. The movement meditation technique is also suitable for those suffering anxiety attacks as they might find that the anxiety worsens when they sit quietly. Walking meditation differs from walking in that, you take conscious steps that include imbibing the sound of nature, feeling of the ground under your feet at every step and the weather and how it stimulates your always get rid of unnecessary thoughts that pop in and concentrate on the act of walking.

Mindfulness Meditation

This is the most simple type of Meditation techniquesmeant for beginners. This refers to paying attention to whatever you are doing. It advocates the art of living in the present topo set off negative and intimidating thoughts from ruining your present. Since it does not stress on any position or time it is easy to follow and can be done even with your eyes open.

Binaural Beats Meditation

This refers to meditation listening tobinaural beats which are believed to induce a brainwave state with respect to consciousness that is similar to that of the traditional Meditation techniques. Like all meditation practices, this also involves becoming aware of wandering thoughts and getting rid of them to concentrate on the beats.

There are also a number of other types of meditation techniques. You can choose them probably for advanced meditation.