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3 Ways Restaurants Can Sell Food During Quarantine

The recent pandemic has disrupted businesses in the food industry. They have seen less clients and operated with a reduced staff because of it. Even though it is important to follow the CDC’s most recent guidelines regarding restaurants, owners can still find ways to operate without violating them. There are a few low-risk methods that establishments use to keep serving their community. 

1. Mobile Kitchens

Eating outdoors is considered less dangerous, so some restaurants have established patios and other designated areas. However, some lack this feature, so they use mobile kitchens. They usually own or rent a food truck and take it to a popular area where people can line up and get their items. Business owners can encourage social distancing to clients waiting for their freshly prepared meals. Food trucks also provide effective advertisement when serving during social events and at worksites. 

2. Delivery Service

Some potential clients quarantine themselves almost entirely inside their homes and avoid going out as much as possible. As a result, businesses have adopted a food delivery service if they did not have it before. People can order their meals and pay for them via phone, online or upon delivery. This option continues employment and provides a reliable revenue stream that makes the investment worth it. 

3. Curbside Service

Curbside service encourages customers to pre-order their food and then pick it up outside the property. A server can great them, charger them and deliver their food straight to the car with no contact. This service is ideal not just for people willing to drive there, but also anyone looking for a restaurant while out on a trip. Just like with delivery, it attracts more people and keeps the personnel employed despite the closure. 

Restaurants and other food service businesses have been challenged by this situation into finding other solutions. Methods such as food vehicles, delivery and curbside services help these businesses stay open under difficult conditions.