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3 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Street Sweeping

When you think about public health, you probably think about campaigns to wash your hands for the proper amount of time or restrooms that come stocked with soap. However, you might not have been aware that street sweeping Washington also plays an important role in keeping public spaces clean, safe and healthy for all. In fact, you may not have heard of street sweeping before! If you’re curious to learn more about this important service, here are some unique fun facts.

1. It Contributes to Road Safety

You’ve likely driven down roads before that just didn’t feel quite right. Maybe they had trash strewn about or were letting debris pile up on the side of the road. This is a sign that that town may be overdue for some street sweeping. When unnecessary objects like garbage aren’t removed from the road, they can increase dangerous conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike. This is especially true if the objects are sharp. By cleaning the road, sweeping helps make it safer for all.

2. It Plays a Role in Promoting Public Health

It may go without saying that trash that isn’t cleaned up can become a public health hazard. However, sweeping can have other health benefits you might not have expected. For example, less trash means there’s less of a chance your neighborhood will attract rats.

3. It Can Help Boost Local Property Values

This may come as a surprise, but it’s only logical that areas with neat, well-kept streets are likely to have higher property values. By investing in cleanliness and aesthetics, sweeping can actually help improve the area’s economy over time.

From keeping the streets clean to promoting general public health standards, street sweeping plays an important role in keeping things safe and clean in your area. The next time you see these crews at work, you can appreciate the importance of the work with your newfound knowledge in tow.