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5 Remedies for Sinus Infections That You Can Find Inside Your Home

Did you know that about 37 million Americans get sinus infections every year? If that’s the case, you should be aware of home remedies that can help you make a difference. Even better, the sinusitis remedies are inexpensive and very simple to do.

But to start with, you will need to know why you have a sinus infection. Most of the infections affecting the nose include allergies and hay fever. A dry nose can also lead to ENT problem.

Irrespective of what triggers the allergy, here are few tips on getting a remedy to it.


You will need to take a lot of water. Take a lot of fluids. Humidification has a vital role to play to thin the mucous and thus drain your sinus. It also helps to lubricate your skins and keep them hydrated. You should avoid caffeine and alcoholic drink since they cause dehydration.

Keep Off Household Irritants

It would be best to avoid household irritants such as cigarettes, hairspray and cleaning products, and other materials since they make fumes that can make your ENT problems worse. Avoid things that give strong orders since it can also complicate the problem, particularly if you are susceptible.

If you fancy pets, you should bathe them weekly. Even though you might want to let your pets snuggle at night, it would be reasonable for you not to do that.

Ventilate Your Home Properly

If your house is energy-efficient, then that’s a drawback. Once you seal up your house and make it energy efficient, you will put up with stale air, aggravating the problem. It would be advisable for the house on a warmer day to allow air circulation. But you should not do it if the pollen count is high.

Chicken Soup

Even though it sounds like an old tale but several studies show that chicken soup helps ease congestion. Chicken soup helps to reduce inflammation associated with sinus congestion and cold.

Thus, there is an active ingredient in the chicken soup that combines with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the ingredients in soup to reduce sinus infections.

Use Saline Water into One Nostril

It is an effective way of dealing with nasal infection and irritation. Nasal irrigation involves flushing your nasal passage using a saline solution. You can find special squeeze bottles, neti pot, and bulb syringes.

A neti is a cheap apparatus that appears like Alladin’s lamp. The saline mixture is available pre-packaged. You can also make your solution at home using sea salt and distilled water. It is advisable to avoid table salt since it contains additives. You can add a pinch of table salt to the mixture.

You will need to irrigate your nose while standing over a sink or basin to capture the liquid. Pour the solution into one nose and try to tilt your head so that it flows to the other nostril. That helps to flush out irritants and bacteria.

Even though sinusitis is a common problem among Americans, these easy home sinusitis remedies will help you to relieve the pain and symptoms and make your breathing easier with time.