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Best Trainings Women Should Take to Get Highly Paid Jobs

It’s not just yours but the gripe of millions of educated people around the world that they are not able to get a good job even after spending years in education and getting good grades. Getting a good job is a skill that not everyone has. Some people are able to get good jobs despite inadequate education. They are either very experienced in things that organizations need or have completed different types of courses and trainings that help them get jobs. Getting training in a particular field or course makes them look like the specialists of that work.

There are many jobs in the world that don’t require you to obtain 16 or 20 years of education to be paid well. Some jobs pay handsome salary packages and require you to not have any degree at all. Think about real estate agents, finance advisors, insurance agents etc. If you are a woman and you have been having hard time in finding the right job for you, here are some trainings that you can consider. Completing any of these trainings boosts the chances for you to get a job that pays you well.

Cosmetology Training

Cosmetologists can do a lot of stuff. You don’t need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in order to get this training. There are several training programs to choose from and most of them are offered by accredited schools. The training program for a cosmetologist will usually last for a year. Specialists can complete their training in 6 months as well. There are certain credit hours that every student has to complete in order to successfully pass the program. Afterwards, an exam is held to license the cosmetologists to work in a state. The exam can be in written form, practical or a mix of both.

Nursing Training

Nurses are an asset for any society. They are the ones who stay close to the patients and provide them with care not only by just providing them with things they need but also emotionally. If you are not in the position to complete bachelor’s in nursing, you might want to go for other nursing programs and trainings available. There is a nursing certificate that you can obtain with 1 year of training. Another program, called the associate of science in nursing, can be completed by students in 2 years and then there are longer programs. If you stay in this field for long you can make great money by working beside recognized doctors.

Botox Training

If you have not read about botox ever, it is the time to know about it. In this particular procedure the specialists will inject certain chemicals in the skin of patients to get rid of the wrinkles that make them look old. It might sound like something scary but it is actually not. Many of the Hollywood celebrities have got done with botox injections treatment and no one knows. As a botox specialist you could make a lot of money by doing this procedure yourself. Many schools offer weekend classes to get botox training.


If you have not learned how to drive, then it is your time to learn it as soon as you can. Driving can open doors for several jobs for you. If you have learned driving for a job it does not mean you have to become a taxi driver. Drivers have several options available for them. The best you can go for right now is ride sharing services. Companies like Uber and Lyft are providing ride sharing services around the world and their drivers are making great money through salaries and tips from passengers.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy programs are conducted to not only teach you what parts of the body need to be massaged and how but for giving you knowledge about many types of massages. There are hundreds of different types of massages each with its own technique. Tantric, Swedish, Shiatsu etc. are just some of the famous names you will often find on the menus of spas. It is a full time career and you can make great money from it by opening your own business. There are accredited institutions that provide great practical courses on massage therapy.

Court Reporter Training

This career is getting quite famous in the recent days. There are certificate and associate degree programs available for this job. There are many schools providing accredited training of court reporting. As a court reporter you will mostly be working with lawyers in their offices. You will have to record the proceedings of the court through various means available. You need to have great listening skills in order to be a court reporter. Just keep in mind that you will have to hear a lot of emotional stories on this job so keep your heart strong.