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From your password settings to see your top secret

Each person’s password is associated with his or her inner thoughts. How do you set your password?

  1. Birthday or phone number
  2. Student ID number
  3. ID number
  4. No logic
  5. Each set of passwords is different
  6. Special day

Test result:

  1. You’re a careless person who doesn’t care about the details of things or the people around you. You are a man without a mind. You don’t care about anything in life. You have no personality so that it is made you easy to get along with people. You don’t have a high standard of friendship, and you can be friends with anyone.
  2. You are not a troublemaker, sometimes knowing too much will only make you feel annoyed. You are simple, indecisive and unwilling to offend anyone. The person who wants to pursue you must be a cheerful person.
  3. You don’t initiate conversation, but you’ll get involved if someone else is talking. You often share some hearsay news with your friends, and sometimes this can lead to arguments. For relationships you like to test each other because you don’t feel the need to be together.
  4. You are careful, careful, and unpredictable. That’s why people won’t keep friendship with you for long. You are so calm and objective that you can offer helpful advice when others need it. People who want to be with you don’t actually have to understand you, just be happy with each other. That is enough.
  5. You do whatever you want, don’t care about other people’s ideas, and sometimes even go against others. Your likes and dislikes fluctuate according to your mood, and you need your lover to please you. But it’s a tough job, because you don’t know how you’re going to feel. You need a lover who is more difficult to figure out or calm than you are.
  6. You will forget the rumors once you have heard them. You are emotionally hot and cold, and you expect a lover who understands you. If you want to be with you, that person must earn your trust. Only those you trust will be accepted with confidence.