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How Technology Can Help Your Pharmacy

Pharmacies play a key part in patients’ health. Doctors and patients alike rely on pharmacists to prescribe the right drugs quickly and accurately. Filling hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of prescriptions daily can be challenging, and that’s where technology can help both prescribers and patients.

Increased Efficiency

A retail pharmacy software system can quickly search for various things such as prescribers, patients and drugs, in addition to their prescription plans for coverage information. It can also electronically prescribe drugs and fill refill requests as needed, saving time. With such demand, the pharmacy management software market is expected to see significant growth between 2014 and 2025.

For your pharmacy, be sure to look for a software that can also provide any warnings about potential drug interactions or any allergies. Inventory is as time-consuming as it is important. Some systems can even manage inventory, leaving pharmacists to address any individual patient concerns.

Recent Developments

Technology can even help reduce hospital readmission rates among the elderly using a compliance aid, a study showed. Older patients whose hospital discharge information was shared with pharmacies were readmitted to the hospital less. Such advances directly aid patient care.

Another software tool also recently became available for pharmacies – an online tool that can quickly show prescribers patient-specific drug alternatives that are cheaper and covered by their insurance. Since the launch of the pilot project in April, about 5,000 prescribers have used it, with another 5,000 users expected by the year-end.

There is a recently developed health care software called Pumas that is supposed to help the decision-making process for those in patient care and drug development. It aims to organize big data analytics in health care.

No Training

Whether you’re a retailer or an independent pharmacy, it’s important to have a software system that is simple and easy to use. Such systems are often intuitive and require no further training, which can help save staff costs. Training will be an important aspect of incorporating new software or technology into your practice. The more intuitive it is, the easier it will be on you and your staff.

Integration into your practice will also be key. Make sure your new software or tools are compatible with your current program to make the transition go more smoothly.

Such technology, software and tools are advancing the pharmaceutical industry. Not only that, they can help make your pharmacy much more efficient and effective, ultimately saving you time and money while increasing patient satisfaction.