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Recreation. Two elderly people posing while doing morning exercises under the green trees

Maintaining Mobility As You Age

It’s no secret that aging takes a toll on the human body. Mobility tends to decrease so slowly that you may not even realize it’s happening. It’s important, therefore, to build good habits that help you maintain mobility as long as possible.

Have a Morning Routine

As you get older, your body takes longer to get moving, especially after it has been immobile for a long period of time. You may wake up, eager to face the day, only to find that when you step out of bed, everything aches. You have to shuffle your feet and stumble around just to get across the room.

Take a few minutes every morning to stretch before you get out of bed. A few simple exercises can warm up your muscles and get them ready to move. Keep a tennis ball near your bedside so that you can roll the soles of your feet over it every morning to loosen up those muscles as well.

Increase Muscle Flexibility and Strength

Morning is not the only time your muscles need attention. To strengthen your muscles and make them more flexible, you can learn Pilates or yoga for beginners Napa CA. A major benefit of increasing core strength is that it improves your balance, making you less susceptible to falls and the injuries they cause. The fewer injuries you sustain, the better you are able to maintain your mobility progress.

Make Healthy Choices

The best exercise regimen can’t overcome a bad diet, so pay attention to what you eat. To reduce swelling in your joints and make movement easier, talk to your nutritionist about an anti-inflammatory diet. Take frequent walks to enjoy the fresh air and get some much-needed vitamin D. Make sure you drink enough water so that your body stays well-hydrated.

You are likely to slow down considerably as you get older. By staying active and being intentional about healthy choices, you can maintain your mobility longer.