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Strategies for a Circadian Rhythm Reset

Most people find it hard to have a quality sleep. It is not the number of hours that matters. Instead, it is the ability to stay asleep throughout the night and feel rested upon waking up. A person’s circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, is affected by many factors. Stress, aging, and the prolific use of social media are some of them. How can one maintain a good sleep schedule?

Create a Relaxing Routine

Setting the mood is important in enhancing sleep experience. It can be as simple as having tinctures from a trusted CBD store in Sandy, Utah. This formulation promotes relaxation and signals the body that it is time to sleep. Others take a warm glass of milk instead.

For some, a relaxing routine can mean soaking in the tub for a few minutes, while some settle for soothing music that helps them drift to sleep. Find something that works for you, then do it consistently. Your body will recognize such patterns and will know it is time for a proper shut-eye.

Set Your Surroundings

The atmosphere also is a great factor in encouraging proper sleep. A bedroom is a place of intimacy and rest. With this principle, gadgets and TV are not supposed to be in this room. There should also be no trace of work here. It will tempt you to stand and cross one more item off your list.

Take note of the proper temperature in your bedroom, which is between 67-68 degrees. Make sure that your room is also free from loud noises. Lastly, invest in the right mattress. When everything around you is conducive to sleep, it seems natural to drift off.

Pay Attention to Light

A person’s internal clock follows the natural light. When it is broad daylight, it tells the body to stay alert and awake. When the sun sets and it starts getting dim, it is a cue for the body that it needs to rest.

That is why dim lights to no lights are encouraged in bedrooms. It aids in resetting the circadian rhythm. One natural way to regulate your sleep cycle is to go camping. The natural light and environment will help to recondition your body.

Be a Stickler for Schedules

It may be tempting to stay up late during weekends. Also, staying in bed for longer hours in the morning seems to pose no harm. But, these two practices are altering your sleep cycle. Your body follows a strict schedule. Any alteration to this will affect your circadian rhythm. Thus, strive to sleep at the same time every day and have a specified time of waking up.

Note Some of No-no’s

Some practices do not help in promoting a good night’s sleep. One of them is eating something heavy close to bedtime. Your body will find it hard to relax when it is focusing on the task of digesting food. Another is taking long naps in the afternoon. It throws the natural cycle off balance. An overload of caffeine, especially after lunch, will also affect the sleep cycle adversely.

It may take hard work for your body to be in sync with the proper rhythm. But the benefits of good quality sleep are worth all the effort.