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Tips for Choosing a Holster for Women

More and more women are purchasing handguns for self-defense. The options for concealed carry holsters for women have also expanded. However, women have some unique challenges concealing a handgun. For safety reasons, the proper holster is a necessity.


Your holster should be safe. It should completely cover the trigger of your firearm. It should also hold it security without shifting or moving no matter how much you move and bend. Your weapon should never be stored without a holster in a purse, bag or briefcase because it could be accidentally fired. In addition, the holster should fit tight against your skin. It should not move even when you move.


If you don’t have a comfortable holster, you probably won’t wear it. Therefore, consider the material the holster is made from. Leather holsters, while safe, may be stiff and rough against your skin. A holster with a cloth or neoprene layer that rests against your skin may improve its comfort while maintaining its safety features.


Women should consider purchasing and practicing with several holsters that are worn in different locations on their bodies because of the variety of clothing and styles they wear. For example, waistband holsters are great if you are wearing pants, but may be evident if you wear a tight skirt. Holsters on a gun belt worn at the waist or a belly band are great options for women who wear loose-fitting shirts and jackets. Ankle holsters may be chosen if loose pants or long skirts are worn. Thigh holsters are convenient if you are wearing a short skirt. Loose-fitting patterned clothing made from heavy fabrics are the best for concealing weapons.


No matter what holster you choose, practice drawing your weapon with both hands. You should draw and aim until the action becomes natural.

Now that you have your permit and weapon, carefully consider choosing a holster that is safe and comfortable. Make sure it is fully concealed under your clothing and that you can draw and sight your target swiftly and accurately.