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When Do You Need Custom Machining

You have been looking everywhere for the parts you need, but you can’t find them. If this is you, don’t worry. You can have those hard to find or one-of-a-kind parts manufactured. Custom machining is a way to improve your products instead of settling for what you can find. Here are some of the times when you should have your parts custom made. 

Create Parts With Unique Requirements

Periodically, you will want parts with special requirements. This could be as simple as placing an order with a quick turnaround. However, it could be as extreme as asking for unique parts. In this case, you need something that is not in a standard machining catalog. In other words, you need a made-to-order part. Without these products, you risk losing business. Having these products custom made can give you the option to create special products and boost your business. 

Replace Hard-to-Find Parts

Machinery can last for decades. Unfortunately, parts for older machines may not be on the market anymore. This can be a challenge for companies. Some remedy the situation by trying to fit new parts on old machines. This is never a good idea. 

Instead, you can fix the situation by getting custom parts made. Many shops can reverse engineer parts, so you have them when you need to do maintenance. This means you don’t have to shop around for products that are close enough. You can have them made to meet your machine’s requirements. Soon, you will be back up and running in no time. 

Create Parts From Difficult Material

Some materials are difficult to work with. For instance, plastics require special CNC machines. Bronze and stainless steel can also have special machining requirements. They cannot be turned into the parts you need easily. If you need parts from difficult materials, getting them custom made is your best option. 

Whether you need a unique or hard-to-find part, having it custom made is a great option. This will allow you to get back to work as soon as possible and boost your business.