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4 Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehabilitation Centers

Although men and women both become addicted to alcohol and drugs, there are many differences between them in terms of how they handle it, what they abuse, and even in how they relapse. For example, men are more likely to use almost all types of drugs, but women are more likely to relapse once they get clean. For this reason, many experts believe gender-specific treatment programs are the best route to recovery. Of course, there are other reasons to consider going into a program that is only for men or only for women.

  1. Home Life Can Be Much Different

While many men fall into these categories as well, the fact is that women are more likely to be the ones caring for children in the home, dealing with mental health conditions, or battling the emotional and physical scars stemming from a history of abuse. For this reason, they are likely to benefit from gender-specific programs.

Depending on their addictions and other circumstances, some programs provide outpatient recovery that allows women to remain in the home for children or even to bring infants and small toddlers with them to inpatient programs. Women-specific facilities may also be better-equipped to help them get out of abusive environments that may be leading to further substance abuse problems.

  1. Men are Less Likely to Talk About Their Problems

Society conditions men to keep their mental, physical, and emotional problems to themselves. When men are in a co-ed environment, they may be less likely to talk about the problems that led them to substance abuse for fear of looking “weaker” than a woman. They might also have trouble talking in front of other men, but programs for men are more likely to incorporate individual counseling time so that they don’t feel required to speak in front of a large group. Women’s programs tend to focus more on group therapy.

  1. Gender-Specific Programs Are Best for Young Addicts

A young woman is more likely to benefit from a gender-specific program like the Womens Drug and Alcohol Rehab Port Saint Lucie because she will not feel the pressure to be attractive to male patients; likewise, young men won’t feel the need to engage in romance if they aren’t around young women. There are a couple of reasons this is important.

In teenagers, especially, hormones run rampant. When you couple that with the fact that many people’s addiction problems stem from such things as loneliness or lack of acceptance from their peers, a co-ed rehab center for young adults is likely to be too distracting and to slow down to completely hinder personal growth and rehabilitation progress.

  1. There Is a Higher Overall Success Rate

For those who are truly ready to be in recovery, the success rate is perhaps the biggest benefit of entering a women’s program or a Men Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Port Saint Lucie. This is largely attributed to the ability to focus on rehabilitation over the social stress of interacting with the opposite sex. It is also attributed to the fact that women and men face addiction much differently.

Women are more likely to be addicted to alcohol, but men are more likely to use illegal substances. Additionally, while women feel more shame for their addictions, men tend to have anger issues. Because the therapy focuses on these problems specifically, it is more beneficial.

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, you don’t need to do it alone. Whether you enter a rehabilitation program for men or women, each will have the tools you need to focus on getting sober. In addition to gender-specific treatment, these programs include medically managed detoxification, group and individual counseling, nutrition and exercise counseling, holistic approaches, and much more.