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Effective Ways to be Beautiful by Removing your Wrinkles

There are many available medical services offered in the market nowadays. It is best for skin care treatment in getting rid of those sign of aging. One of them is to reduce wrinkles with fractional co2 laser in Malaysia. This is one of the most recent advances in skin rejuvenation of non-surgical treatments. It is called pixilated or fractional carbon dioxide. With so many various kinds of lasers in the market, the CO2 has the longest wavelength. This can be done without any danger for those who have dark skin types. Deeper wrinkles can be best treated with this Fractional CO2 laser.

Types of Skin Problems that can be cured by Fractional CO2 Laser

The fractional CO2 laser is very effective treatment for traumatic scars, acne scars, blotchiness, and sun damage. It can be safely used around the mouth and on the delicate part of your eyelid skin. It is also best for skin problems that are mostly not covered by insurance like actinic keratosis, a precancerous growth. The risk of complication is higher that’s why it needs to be done by the experts. Telangiectasias or dilated blood vessels, redness, discolorated red blotchiness on the neck or poikiloderma are skin problems that can’t be cured by fractional CO2 laser treatment. This problem can be worse if the CO2 laser is used. The redness effect of laser treatment itself is the reason why it’s not applicable for this kind of skin problems. Pulsed dye laser or Candela is more effective for red and veins, not a salon but a medical IPL.

 Determine and Choose the Right Treatment for Skin Problems

It is important to ask a question which Fractional laser system is best for your skin problems. As a consumer, how do you figure it out? First, ask the acclaimed plastic surgeon, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. On the different system, here are my “two cents”. DekaSmartxide “DOT” system is the clear leader I think. Particular sites of the body of individual patients easily collaborate and adapt treatment. Incompetent hands and good equipment will not benefit you. In pigmentation, general sun damage on the face and wrinkles, the Fractional Co2 laser is the best way to remove it. It will lead to tightening because of vaporization of the skin. Some patients want an exclusive consultation for their saggy skin. It will be disappointing for them because CO2 laser treatment lighten the skin.

Things to Remember in Searching Skin Treatment

But it doesn’t fix the saggy skin. Nasolabial folds and marionette lines are secondary to fat loss, muscle, and bones that occurs over the years. The Fractional CO2 laser cures the apparent part of the skin. The appeared losses will not be address by the treatment. Although after the treatment, marionette lines have little improvement. Combination of CO2 and fillers is highly recommended for the best result of treating those skin problems. Due to numerous numbers of different skin care and skin treatment available in the market, we, as customers or patients should think not only twice but many times. Just to make sure we research about the products or services that are offered to us to have the best result that we are looking for in the first place.