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How do hay fever tablets work?

Hay fever is a common allergic reaction caused by environmental allergens in the air. Its symptoms can be managed and diminished. Due to its symptoms, hayfever can be easily confused with a simple cold.

If the fever is not too critical, symptoms may be relieved with over the counter medication. With persistent symptoms, prescription medication is essential. A combination of allergy medicine offers relief to most people. Avamys is a fluticasone nasal spray used to treat year-round allergies in people aged two years and older. It helps reduce the symptoms of hayfever, and one can buy avamys online.

Hay fever tablets work in the following ways:

  1. Immune therapy

These may include tablets such as Grazax. It is a sublingual desensitisation immunotherapy. The patient is given tablets consisting of grass pollen preferably daily. Over time the patient becomes desensitised, and the symptoms decline. The therapy has outstanding results with symptoms falling within a season. It should be taken for three years for long-term relief and begun two months before hay fever season.

  1. Allium Cepa

It’s a derivative of onions and is in tablet form. The tablet’s founding principle is that of homeopathy; like cures like. An onion would typically produce symptoms identical to hay fever in a healthy person. The idea is to give it in small and harmless amounts to relieve discomfort. This remedy should be chosen carefully and correctly.

  1. Mixed pollens

These tablets contain grasses, cereals, weeds and blossom trees. The tablets are taken just before the season begins. Alternatively, taking the tablets two weeks before you would expect to have symptoms is advisable. It doesn’t cause drowsiness and helps reduce allergic responses to pollen sensitivity.

  1. Antihistamines

In instances where the immune system misinterprets pollen as harmful, it secretes histamines. Histamines are proteins that protect the body and its cells. It causes the skin to bulge and the blood vessels to enlarge. The body sends immune system cells to the infected area. In an allergic reaction, it sets off a series of uncomfortable symptoms. Antihistamines work to hold off the histamine released by the body. They may cause drowsiness, dry eyes, mouth and nose.

Currently, hay fever has no cure, but its symptoms can be successfully managed throughout the year. Continued treatment helps reduce symptoms and improve allergen immunity, therefore improving quality of life. As mentioned you can buy avamys online, or similar products, and enhance the quality of your health and life.