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Cloud based CRM sales – the right answer for your business?

If your business revolves around sales operations, finding an option to make your processes more effective is probably one of your desires. Upon research you will discover that many business with the same profile have started to resort to cloud based CRM sales solutions. This type of software product comes with a wide set of benefits that influence sales positively and help organizations grow. While investing in a system of this kind is not expensive, you might be wondering if this is the right answer for your enterprise. Well, the following aspects are the ones that will help you conclude if CRM software is actually useful for your business or not:

Flexible costs

In comparison with traditional solutions, which lack in effectiveness and are also quite expensive to opt for, a CRM cloud based option is characterized by affordability. Being far more flexible in its offerings, a CRM tool, such as the one provided by, will allow different levels of access that fall into different pricing buckets. With virtually no maintenance and installation costs required, nor IT demands, this solution will save you money not only when using it, but during implementation as well.

  • No maintenance costs
  • No necessary IT costs
  • Affordable implementation
  • Cost flexibility

Easier access

The main reason why cloud based CRM solutions is a system that your business desperately needs is the customer relationship management help it can provide. Because the success and profitability of your organization depends entirely on your customers, making sure they are 100 percent satisfied with your offerings should be one of your goals. With CRM software, regardless if you choose the option offered by Bpm’ online, or other alternatives, such as Seismic, your sale staff has the possibility to access the platform, and thus handle certain tasks from any place, not being tied to the office environment. Easier accessibility will be beneficial in many work situations, and through a work productivity increase, you will also benefit from a customer relationship management improvement.

  • Faster reactions
  • Act on new information instantly
  • Greater efficiency


While other software options or spreadsheets require manually upgrading them from time to time, with a cloud based CRM, you are using only the safest, strongest and fastest version of the system. Because practically usually comes in forms of speed, not having to wait for upgrade downloads or reinstallations can be extremely convenient in the most unexpected situations. You will be using an up-to-date version at all times, which will provide you with the efficiency you desire.

Operational agility

Because cloud-based data and applications are not bound to a single location or device, and your staff has unlimited access to the platform, a change in the way processes are operated will happen. After implementation, you will notice an operational agility increase.

Reliable recovery option

Losing all of your customer info, lead info and other relevant details of this kind due to an IT malfunction is certainly something that will affect your business tremendously, and a prospect that you want to avoid. With cloud based CRM sales, your data will be kept safe, and can be easily accessed even after an incident that affect your IT department. The safety that comes with a CRM tool is one of the reasons why you should take this cloud based solution into consideration.

Increasing sales is probably your organization’s ultimate business goal, so taking all means of action that will help you reach your goals will be necessary. With CRM could based solutions your path towards business growth and profit increase will be simplified. From providing you with more flexible costs, obtaining an easier access, benefiting from certain upgrades, and operation agility, there are plenty of ways in which this system can help your enterprise.