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5 Benefits of Having Regular Eye Exams in Calgary

When it comes to optometry in Calgary, getting regular eye exams may seem routine. However, not everyone goes for their yearly eye appointment! The reasons may vary – maybe your insurance doesn’t cover it, maybe you’re strapped for cash trying to pay the bills and make ends meet, or maybe you have social anxiety or guilt about going (or not going) to the optometrist. We’re not here to shame you – we’re here to inspire you.

At the end of the day, it’s a good thing to have your eyes regularly examined. Having annual eye exams is not only important for keeping our prescriptions current, but also for catching any health problems before they arise, and much more. Here are five reasons why it will benefit you to have regular eye exams – don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call your optometrist once you’re done reading this!

5 Benefits of Having Regular Eye Exams

1. Your prescription is regularly updated.

It’s important to see an eye doctor so that you can keep your regular prescription up to date. Generally, people’s eyes don’t change too much, however, if you haven’t been to an optometrist in a while you may find that your glasses are not really up to date. Small changes do happen and eye conditions can develop. Therefore, it’s important to see your eye doctor, in order to keep your prescription regularly updated so you’re seeing to the best of your ability.

  1. You can have any problems diagnosed early.When it comes to your eyes, seeing a doctor may help, because you not only get your prescription updated, but also get the benefit of getting your eyes evaluated for any problems. Eye issues can be treated if they’re caught early, but problems with the eyes that get left alone could deteriorate into an eye condition or an even more serious problem, such as disease. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about the eyes. You’re looking out for your overall health.

    3. You can order new contacts that help you see the best you possibly can.

    Another great benefit of optometry in Calgary is that you can see the best that you possibly can! Get contacts that help you see sharply for sports and everyday living. No more squinting to see the score at baseball games or trying to focus on someone’s face from afar, so you can identify who is approaching you around the cubicles at work. See the best you possibly can and zero in on your child scoring a goal or the speed limit signs in your area. It’s a great reason for getting your eyes examined.

    4. Less stress.

    It’s always a bit stressful to know that we’re behind on checkups we should be having yearly. It’s all too easy to stress out about going to eye exams and all the other things that are going on. Just know that once you’ve done it it’s out of the way and you can have less stress on your mind overall.

  1. Know that you’re taking care of your eye health!The best thing about following up on optometry in Calgary is knowing that you’re taking care of your eye health. Peace of mind is worth far more than just a dollar value. Let yourself feel good about seeing your eye doctor and getting your eye exams – you deserve it!