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5 Daytime Activities You Can Plan to Show Off Your New Sunglasses in Lloydminster

With warmer weather coming, we are entering into the perfect season to look great and flaunt your amazing collection of shades. Now is the perfect time to add one more pair of sunglasses to your already impressive collection. Whether they’re non-prescription or special eye wear glasses, it’s the perfect time of year to don slick shades and look fabulous while doing it!

Don’t leave your eyewear game to chance – start planning some activities where you can show them off! Read on to find more.

5 Daytime Activities You Can Plan to Show Off Your New Sunglasses

1. Mini Golfing

Mini golfing is a geat way to get out, enjoy the day, and show off your sunglasses! Pick your favourite pair and then text some friends about getting together for a little mini golf game. It’s easy to schedule because everyone has a bit of time in their life for some mini golf! It’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t take up too much time – under an hour in most cases. You can find great sun glasses in Lloydminster that will help you look stylish while you sink that putt.

2. The Beach

It is so much fun to go to the beach! It’s also perhaps the most classic location you could choose to show off your shades. You’ll look like a Califonia queen in your favourite shades. Pick out your favourite one piece, bikini, or trunks and a reliable beach towel, and you’re good to go. Get some sun glasses in Lloydminster if you’re planning a beach trip and you can be the best-looking person tanning on the sands and taking in the waves.

3. Boating/Sailing/Fishing

Boating is such a great way to show off your favourite glasses. They’ll look even better when paired with your best boating outfit. Sailing and boating with your eye wear glasses is a great way to look chic and the photographs that you take will last a lifetime. Light up your Instagram and protect your eyes from the sun with some social media posting of your shades! Fishing is also a great way to show off your favourite glasses. Look cool while catching wide-mouthed bass – why not?

4. A Picnic at the Park

Picnics are so relaxing and so fun, and with several hours in the sun or partial shade, you’re going to need your sunglasses. It’s the perfect occasion to show off your new pair and get some compliments (and maybe a little bit of envy, too). Pack a picnic basket with all of your favourite foods, from cheese to fruits to cookies! Then head out for the park with all of your friends and tilt your face toward the sun to show off your shades. Perfect!

5. A Garden Party

Throw a garden party – it’s such a great way to show off your shades! Cultivate your guest list, send out invitations, and spend some time outdoors having one big tea party. It’s a refined way to bring people together for laughter, food, conversation, and some shameless flaunting of your new accessory. If you’re looking for sun glasses in Lloydminster, there are tons of great places to shop! Find your ideal shades and start planning the occasions you will have where you can show them off. If you want to make use of social media, as well, it’s all the better. Spread that shade envy worldwide!