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5 Major Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants have become one of the main tooth replacement options available to people of all ages. There are many types of restorations dentists can provide, but implants differ from the rest because they replace the full root of the tooth. Although there is a healing stage after an implant procedure, people often get back to their normal routine quickly. An implant allows you to do anything you would with a natural tooth, and it comes with a few major benefits.

1. Implants Last a Long Time

One of the top dental implant benefits is that they can last practically for the rest of your life. Each one is permanent. If you take care of it properly, it will never have to be replaced and there’s never any need to take it out. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits will protect your implants just as well as your regular teeth.

2. They Work and Look like Natural Teeth

Implants restore the full function of your teeth and help protect your jaw and gums. You can bite naturally and eat any type of food you want. Additionally, there is no impact on speech and nobody can tell the difference. Loss of teeth can affect the bone structure of the face, creating more wrinkles around the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. All that can be avoided by getting dental implants and you will hardly notice the difference after a few days of healing.

3. Overall Health Can Be Improved

If you lose teeth, the jawbone will start to deteriorate. The damage can expand, affecting other teeth that you may eventually be in danger of losing as well. An artificial root actually stimulates bone growth so the natural contours of your jaw and face are preserved. Implants can therefore effectively reverse the effects of osteoporosis.

4. You Can Maintain a Healthy Diet

Tooth loss is associated with pain and discomfort that can take the enjoyment out of eating. That can deter a person from having good meals. A lack of nutrition can have a wide range of negative health effects but, since implants work like natural teeth, they support the exercise your jaw bones need to stay healthy. Plus, you get a steady supply of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are needed even more as you age.

5. Give off a Good First Impression

A full set of teeth means you can have a healthy smile. This can lead to advantages in your career and relationships, and scientific studies have proven this. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, it is easy to hide your teeth and this can have negative effects on your social life and even financial success.

Regular checkups and treatments from a family dentistry company can help preserve your teeth. However, it is not uncommon for people to lose one or more teeth as they get older. Dental implants are one solution to the problem; you will never lose them and they remain permanent fixtures in your mouth that will allow you to eat, be comfortable, and smile without feeling embarrassed.