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9 Golden Rules to Shoot Your Milk

You want to prolong or facilitate breastfeeding?  Why not shoot your milk? We provide you 9 tips to avoid the disappointments and continue to maintain this link so special that you have built with Babies.

1. be sure to equip yourself

You have to choose Manual or electric breast pump according to your use. Occasionally, a manual breast pump is sufficient. For intensive use (you return to work and continue breastfeeding), an electric breast pump can be more effective. And doubly if you choose a dual pumping model! How to choose it? A good breast pump should cause the milk to rise by stimulating and respecting the nipple. As a result, models with massage cushions, which are closest to the natural movement of the feed, can contribute to your comfort while being very effective!

2. Choose the Right Time

It is after a night of sleep that you have the biggest supply of milk. You can thus breastfeed your baby when he wakes up, then shoot your milk. Pulling every day at the same time is a good way to pace your body and promote lactation.

3. Install yourself well (and) quietly

Just like breast-feeding, breast pumping requires serenity. Sit comfortably in a quiet, warm place, with about twenty minutes in front of you. Fear of being disturbed by someone knocking at the door: nothing worse to dry up the source!

4. Find your tactic

If you are using a manual breast pump, start with a stimulation phase to trigger the ejection reflex. Gently but quickly press down on the handle until the milk comes in. Then slow down the movement during the milk collection phase. Note: some electric devices allow you to record the rhythm that suits you best, for less wrist fatigue!

5. Think Baby

Breastfeeding is also a big part of emotional. Difficult to put in condition facing a machine, the eye riveted on graduations! Try to ignore all of this, think about your baby, and keep a photo or one of its soft toys on hand, if needed.

6. Adopt irreproachable hygiene

Everything must be nickel before the breast pump session! Do not ignore hand washing, sterilization or thorough washing with hot water and dishwashing detergents from the breast pump. Baby and yourself, you’ll be better off!

7. Be well organized

Whatever the chosen storage mode – zipper pouch, small plastic pot – be organized. On each container, note the date, the quantity drawn, and possibly the name of your child if he goes to the nursery or to a nanny. If you freeze your milk, be sure to dispose of old stocks first.

8. Read the law

Do not forget that the Labor Code grants you rights to breastfeeding“For one year from the day of birth, mothers nursing their children have one hour a day during working hours. So you can take advantage of this time (or twice half an hour) to draw your milk. Do not hesitate to talk to your employer well beforehand if this proves to be tricky.

9. Maintain your lactation

Abundant water and breastfeeding herbal tea (based on fennel): so many thumbs up to stimulate lactation without forgetting the rest. But the best stimulant remains to put baby on demand, as soon as you can.