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Avoiding the Use of Pills and Gels to Heal

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that afflicts millions of men each year. Until recently, doctors had few ways to address this impairment.

They offered treatments that ranged from prescription pills to topical gels. In the most severe cases, doctors often recommended penile transplants to correct ED.

Today, however, ED patients have different options that utilize the newest medical technology designed just for this problem. Treatments like hypnotherapy, wave therapy, and monthly hormonal injections could make dealing with ED faster, safer, and more convenient to men’s lives.

Non-invasive Options

The idea of receiving monthly injections may not appeal to you if you are adverse to needles in the first place. You may not relish in the sensation of a needle going into your thigh or hip. You also do not want to have to deal with the muscle soreness that inevitably follows.

Rather than subject your body to that kind of treatment, you could have your ED addressed through non-invasive means with therapeutic waves. This procedure involves the use of sub-dermal laser waves that go into your muscles. It fosters the production of hormones that you need to resume normal sexual function.

Another reason that many men with your condition prefer this option is that it only takes a few minutes to undergo. You do not have to stay in the office so the medical staff can watch you for adverse reactions to injections. You typically only have to be there for about 20 minutes before you can go home or back to work.

Many men report that the treatment goes to work right away and that they can go back to performing like normal within weeks or days. Unlike pills and gels, which can take months to take effect, the wave treatments work faster and provide longer lasting results.

Ensuring Your Candidacy

As interested in this therapy as you may be, you still might want to verify that you are a good candidate for it. Because it is non-invasive, it can be ideal for patients who are not eligible for surgery or sub-dermal injections. It also will not cause reactions like pills and gels can induce.

Still, your doctor will perform a thorough examination to ensure you are strong enough to undergo the therapy. Once you are medically cleared, you could start your treatments promptly and anticipate resuming normal sexual functions quickly.