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Battling Cancer- 6 Treatment Options to Consider

Cancer affects everyone, both the young and old, and the rising numbers of cancer infections are worrying. Many countries are spending millions of dollars on cancer research. Luckily, scientists have already come up with a variety of life-saving treatments, thanks to technological advances. Although research is still ongoing, the availability of such therapies brings hope to cancer patients.

Below are cancer treatment options:

  1. Bone marrow transplant

Bone marrow transplants are used to cure patients struggling with chronic or life-threatening diseases. It’s also useful for patients who just had a treatment for such a condition. The procedure can use your bone marrow stem cells, or cells from a donor. ButBeyond Stem Cells with exosomes therapy is favorite amongst most cancer patients. It’s a cutting edge therapy that uses exosomes that have numerous benefits over stem cells.

  1. Surgery

Surgery is a standard cancer treatment option for most patients. The main goal of cancer surgery is to eliminate cancer as much as possible. However, the type of operation needed will depend on the location of cancer and the cancer stage.

In some cases, cancer can be entirely cured through surgery. But if cancer has spread to other body parts, surgical removal may not help much. If surgical removal is a feasible option, it involves removing the tumor or an entire organ.

  1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is used alongside surgery and radiation therapy. It uses drugs to slow the growth of cancer. These medications attack, destroy, and kill the cancerous cells in the body.

The drugs can interfere with other healthy cells in the body and affect cell division, duplication of DNA, and the separation of newly formed chromosomes. Chemotherapy is effective but is associated with undesirable side effects.

  1. Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses ionizing radiation and high-powered beams to destroy and kill cancer cells. Radiation can be applied by an external beam or fitted in your body using brachytherapy. Radiation is only localized to the specific place affected by cancer and doesn’t affect other healthy cells adjacent to the tumor.

  1. Immunotherapy

The immune system can wipe out tumor cells affecting the healthy body cells. Immunotherapy, also referred to as biological therapy, uses the body’s immune system to combat cancer. This is due to the notion that cancer can survive in your body unchecked when your body doesn’t recognize it as an intruder. As such, this therapy can aid your immune system in recognizing the cancer cells and attacking them.

  1. Hormone therapy

The hormones in your body fuel some types of cancer, which is particularly true for breast and prostate cancer. Eliminating these hormones from your body and blocking their effects can slow down the growth of cancer cells.


There are different cancer treatment options available. Most recovery plans involve more than one cancer treatment option due to the aggressive nature of cancer. Talk to your doctor about the best treatment plan for your cancer stage. Your overall health and preferences will determine the best treatment plan.