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Be Fit and Healthy by Liposuction Treatment in India


Weight is the major factor to be considered now days as it is being a source for the diabetes, high blood pressure and other major diseases.

Surgeries like Tummy tuck, Abdominoplasty, Body lift are the weight reduction surgeries which are carried out in large volume for the proper fitness of the body.

India is highly developed in the surgical and treatment sector for maintain the body shape which is essential for every individual one’s.

In India, Liposuction has a great demand as liposuction in Delhi is more effective and resulting as per fit health is concerned.


 In today’s time, society think that one has done any fault by being large or overweight, it is actually less of being overweight, it is the way society makes individuals feel about weight. The world today program us to trust that we should always be thin and our body should be looked in a specific way.

Women are more conscious about their body when compared to man and to portray themselves in a specific way they undergo liposuction or any other cosmetic surgery.

In the most recent research published, liposuction came second highest procedure used for cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction is known for removal of fats from your body. At first, the doctors performed liposuction surgery on buttocks, thighs and on the face but now Liposuction can be performed on all over the body.

The unwanted fat from the hips, calves, thighs, breasts, buttocks, arms, neck of your body which is no more immune to exercise and diet is removed with the help of surgical or non-surgical techniques of surgery.

 In last 40 years, something like these was unheard of but now it is very common and easy to undergo these types of surgeries. With the help of new technologies,we have today all these surgeries seem to be safe. 

Why India for Liposuction?

Liposuction has become very mainstream today in India. Because of such high-end techniques available and experienced doctors in the country which are helping people in virtually fixing their body.

Liposuction is available in various urban cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai etc.

In Delhi (the capital city of India), you will find many experienced doctors who provide you with liposuction surgery. The cost of liposuction in Delhi is very affordable and maximum number of times the result of these surgeries is positive.

Mumbai (the city that never sleeps) is high with such cosmetic surgeries. The demand for cosmetic surgeries in Mumbai is increasing day-by-day and at the same time the treatment cost of liposuction in Mumbai is very reasonable due to the competition and quality of the treatment that is delivered by the surgeons in Mumbai.

Bangalore is the techno-city where the availability of latest technology is available in abundance and at par wihen compared to other countries in the world. Various technology and equipment’s are also used for liposuction treatment in Bangalore which helps the surgeons to deliver the best treatment to their patients.

Because of the efficient doctors who have gained knowledge and practical exposure from the country as well as from outside the country with the help of technologies and techniques they use to treat their patients.

One who chooses to undergo liposuction surgery in India, enable themselves to many advantages like:

  • No tight sitting period for consultation and treatment.
  • Almost 60% lower cost when compared to any other country.
  • No messy instances during your travel because of developed national medical system.
  • One has an option to choose its package of treatment.
  • No communication barrier as all the doctors and assistance are well-spoken in English language.

When you should consider liposuction surgery for yourself?

  • If you want sleeker contour in certain part of your body
  • If you are not able to lose weight through diet and exercise
  • If your age is around 40years
  • If you do not have any diabetes, thyroid etc disease

There are some more things that you should know and consider before undergoing Liposuction surgery, is liposuction surgery really should be one of the option to lose fat? 

Types of surgeries in Liposuction:

There are surgical and non-surgical ways in which one can get liposuction done

Thinking which one is best for you?

Following are some basic information about these surgeries:

  • Surgical Liposuction
  • Non-surgical Liposuction

1) Surgical Liposuction:

Here the fat is being sucked from your body with the help of pump or syringe. It will help you in removing the fat which is not resistant to diet and exercise and reshape your body, typically the surgical areas on body are stomach, hips, arms, thighs, chin or knees.

These treatments uses cutting-edge technology for minimum risk management.

Surgical liposuction includes:

  1. a) Tumescent Liposuction: In this technique a local anesthesia is injected in the area of fat that is supposed to be operated, it will help in becoming that area numb. The local anesthesia lidocaine in the tumescent solution eliminates the need of IV sedation or general anesthesia.
  2. b) Super-wet Liposuction: It is a variation of tumescent procedure that utilizes less liquid infusion. The measure of liquid is generally equivalent to the measure of fat being evacuated. General anesthesia is required for this sort of liposuction.

2) Non-surgical Liposuction:

  1. a) Ultrasonic Liposuction: In this technique, there is a huge chance of fat getting removed in larger quantity and tightening of the skin because the cannula of the usage of ultrasonic sound waves. It uses a cannula that leaves ultrasonic sound waves and makes fat easier to remove. But, there is a risk in this surgery i.e., there are chances that the skin will burn due to the heat from such ultra sound waves.
  2. b) VASER Liposuction: with the help of this technique the energy from the ultrasonic cannula
  3. c) Laser-assisted liposuction: In this theory, the laser will work like an ultrasound to disrupt the fat cells and make the fat tighten and more proficient. Many companies have developed laser liposuction, each of which has a specialty like SmartLipo, CoolLipo, ProLipo PLUS, LipoLite and LipoTherme.
  • SmartLipo: It is a laser-assisted liposuction. It is actually a machine which has two lasers available in it. The two lasers are used simultaneously during surgery i.e., one laser is used for melting fat and the other laser is used for skin tightening. This technique is usually used when they are of fat to be removed is small. This type of Liposuction can be done while you are awake.
  • CoolLipo: in this technique, the laser wavelengths are produced to dissolve fat and skin to become firm. This technique can be used by you only if you are not looking for weight loss but for body contouring. Even this is defined for smaller areas of treatment like in the face, chin and neck areas.
  • ProLipo PLUS: In this laser Liposuction, the technology will help in melting and dissolving the fat tissues that are resistant to diet and exercise.
  • LipoLite: This technique s again recommendable for people who are not using Liposuction surgery as an option of weight loss. This technique passes wavelength to melt the skin and then the fat is removed from under the skin.
  • LipoTherme: Lipo means fat and therme means heat, LipoTherme is basically the application of heat to dissolve the fat.
  1. d) Radio frequency: this device creates an electric field over the skin. The electric field causes a change in orientation of charged particles.

There are somethings that you need to consider before undergoing liposuction surgery like which doctor, which area of fat to be removed, go for surgical or non-surgical liposuction, cost of the treatment etc.

To give you some glimpse idea about the differentiation of various factor of surgical and non-surgical liposuction, look at the table below:

Area of the body Breast, calf, cheeks, chin Lips,cheeks
Risks High Risk Low Risk
Use of anesthesia Local or General anesthesia General or any incisions
Cost Ranging from $1000 to $4000 Ranging from $800 to $3000
Recovery time 1 month or more Minimum 1 month
Wearing of compression garment Upto 2 months Maximum 1 month
Sessions required 2 sessions in 1 month 4 sessions in 1 month
Requirement of hospitalization Yes No


Liposuction surgeries can do wonders on your body and the state of mind, your self-esteem. Liposuction treatment in India is very reasonable with high quality treatment. After the surgery you will notice the positive change in the way you look, your thoughts in your body and in yourself. But, you should do regular exercises and control over the diet every day.

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Author Bio: I am Kajal Shethia. I am a Medical Blogger and Health Researcher.