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Breast Implants: Silicone VS Saline, Cost, Problems

Due to the development of plastic surgery, one can totally change every parts of body. Especially women can get their body transformed to get their desired sexy look. Breast implants is such a technique that every women wants to perform. However, this breast augmentation is for those women who love larger breast size. This is usually done due to cosmetic purpose. However, there are many patients who have a question related to breast implantation. The most frequently ask question is Silicone VS Saline implants.

Furthermore, without any question, this content speaks about breast implants in cosmetic purpose and some diet for this surgery. Apart from that we will also discuss on silicone Vs saline breast augmentation, cost and problems. And lastly, before you go for any implantation, make a routine to visit the doctor and talk to him about your condition.

Silicone Vs Saline Types of Breast Implants – What’s the Difference??

Before you go for any implantation, patients must know that there are currently two types of augmentation. They are Silicone and Saline. We will speak them in details;

  • Slilicone Breast Implants: In this breast augmentation, to create a fuller breast, silicone gel has been used. Moreover, the outer shell is mainly filled with silicone gel. They are the most approved shells of women of 22 ages or more. This is because, silicone gel looks just like real breast than the saline. But once it is leaked you are allowing your life at risk.
  • Saline Breast Implants: In saline breast implantation, the silicone shells are filled with saline water.

So both of them have different functions and they are available in many different sizes. Let’s give a quick look on the Problems. But before that we will discuss how breast surgery is done.

Breast Implantation Surgery – Procedure:

As since women breast continues to enlarge up to nearly 20 years of age, a women needs to attain the age of 18 for saline breast implants. Whereas for the Cirurgia Plastica DF or silicone gel implantation 22 years of ageis necessary.

Choose for the surgeon like who is well experienced. In addition to it, talk to him freely and ask for all the complications that may arise in future. Also, talk to him face to face about which surgery you opt to go for. If you are taking any bad habits like smoking, drinking then you may need to stop before and after surgery to avoid complications. As the surgery takes more about two – three hours, you will be given general anaesthesia to get rid of pain. Depending upon your condition surgery will be completed as outpatient or overnight stay in hospital.

So what type of implantation are you following? Well, firstly the surgeon will cut some portions of your nipples, under arms or under breast. Now, the surgeon will insert silicone or saline implants and ultimately cuts will be stitched properly.

Breast Implants Recovery:

Right after the surgery gets completed, your scars will be fully covered with a thin fabric called gauze. And as well you will need to wear a surgical bra for comfort. And, you need to take a complete rest after surgery. Heavy lifting, tough exercises are prohibited for a month or two. If pain persists, ask to your surgeon to give you a pain killer for relieving your pain. Furthermore, after surgery you will need to take proper care and go for MRI every after two three years. Mamogram is not possible, so if any change occurs in the shape of your breast then instantly remove the implantation.

Breast Surgery Cost:

How much does breast implants silicone vs. saline cost? Well, that will depend on the types of surgeon you choose and the types of location you visit.

Most probably the cost may range from $6,000 – $10,000. This cost will include surgeon fees, maintenance care, anaesthesia fees, prescription charge, medicine etc. Charge are far less in part of India like Goa, Kerala etc

NOTE: As this procedure is a cosmetic based, health insurance will not be covered.

Problems after Surgery:

Although, breast implantation gives you desired sexy look that you are dreaming for, but there is a risk. This includes;

  • Swelling of scars for quite days which will get faded with time.
  • Frequent pain on the breast area.
  • It changes the nipple color.
  • Leakage may perform which may cause cancer.

Which Breast Implants is suitable?

Now, you have to choose, which the most suitable breast implants silicone VS saline. So before you go for any surgery, discuss with your doctor everything about the surgery. But always remember that after performing surgery there may be a possibility to get breast cancer. Therefore, be very careful with your body parts as women are very delicate and weak physically.