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Dr. Craig Smith works with counselor Catherine Bell to provide medication-assisted treatment at North Bridgton Family Practice.

Choose Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Drug use and substance abuse are two very prevalent issues that should be taken very seriously. If you know a drug addict that needs help, the best thing that you could do for them is to find them an effective and efficient recovery program so that they will be able to get back into society and live their best life possible as soon as possible. There are many types of programs for those who suffer with addiction. By choosing the right program for their specific need, an addict can get on the right path to detoxing and beginning a new life. The majority of drug addiction programs start with detoxification and medically managed withdrawal. Detoxification is meant to clean the body of the psychological effects that drugs cause. It is important to understand that detoxification alone typically does not actually address the problems that are related to addiction. Detoxification should be managed with medications that are prescribed by a physician. The following are four different types of treatment programs to consider when helping an addict choose the right program.

Long Term Residential Treatment

Long term residential treatment is just one of the different types of drug treatment programs. This type of treatment provides care to patients 24 hours a day. This treatment typically takes place in a non-hospital environment. Therapeutic community is the most well-known type of long term residential treatment. Patients typically stay between six and twelve months. This type of treatment makes use of the community surrounding the individual, including staff and residents. Long term residential treatment focuses on helping the addict gain constructive ways of interacting with other people.

Short Term Residential Treatment

Short term residential treatment is another type of program that is used for drug addicts. This program is based on a 12-step approach and is not as lengthy and comprehensive as the long term residential program. This type of program was first established for alcohol addicts but was later used as a way to help those who suffer from substance abuse. This type of program consists of a 3 to 6-week hospital stay. After the hospital stay, the individual is then required to go to outpatient therapy. It is very important that the individual attends outpatient treatment programs so that they will remain engaged and dedicated to staying away from drugs. This type of program is specifically designed to reduce the risk of patient relapsing once they have left the residential setting.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Another type of treatment is the outpatient treatment program. This type of treatment is ideal for those who may not be able to afford the short term or long term residential program. The outpatient treatment program is not as expensive as the other two programs and is also more ideal for those who have jobs. However, this program may not educate an individual about drugs as much as the long term and short term residential programs will. Group counseling is a major component when considering the outpatient treatment program. This is also an ideal program for those who may suffer from other disorders, along with their drug addiction.

Individualized Drug Counseling

This type of counseling focuses on reducing the use of drugs. Aside from this, individualized drug counseling also focuses on the recovery program of the patient. By choosing to use this type of counseling to help an addict, you can help the patient develop the necessary skills they need to abstain from drugs. Typically, with this type of treatment, the addiction counselor will advise the addict to attend a 12-step program and may also make referrals for psychiatric help and employment.

Choose Ohio Addiction Recovery Center

Substance abuse and drug addiction are two very serious issues in our culture today. By using effective treatments to help addicts abstain from drug use, addicts will ultimately be able to put themselves on the right path to build a better life. Whether they opt to choose long term residential treatment, short term residential treatment, outpatient treatment programs, or individualized drug counseling, they can be assured that the recovery program will help them get back into society. The Ohio Addiction Recovery Center is an excellent recovery center that strives to help addicts excel in being the best they can be.