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Choosing a Rehabilitation Place To Recover From Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Transitional housing in Maryland is often the connecting force on a person’s journey of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. This type of sober living environment provides a middle ground between leaving a rehabilitation facility and returning home.

Studies show that the length of time a person receives in treatment and recovery predicts their outcome. It is believed that a longer time helps to prevent relapse.

A few benefits to living in a transitional program is listed below.

You are Not Surrounded by Drugs and Alcohol

One of the hardest parts of overcoming an addiction is being able to resist the temptation of returning to a vice. When you first leave a rehab facility, the drugs or alcohol are no longer in your system. You have made significant progress in therapy and counseling. The goal is to keep you on that winning cycle.

Returning to a situation filled with drugs and alcohol can work against all you have learned during rehabilitation. A sober living home is free of substances. One requirement for staying there is to not use.

You are Connected to a Supportive and Healthy Network

Addiction tends to damage interpersonal relationships. Living in a sober home can help you repair social skills that suffered during your times of isolation. You have a network of peers also going through similar circumstances. This sense of community helps create positive social interactions with support and encouragement for continued sobriety.

You are Free to Practice Healthy Habits Learned During Treatment

The need to keep feeling the pleasure drug and alcohol provide causes damage to parts of the brain. Addiction also disrupts memory functions and impulse control. It takes time to reverse these changes. Living in a transitional home gives you that time and space to heal. Putting what you learned in rehab into real-world action can strengthen your resolve to living sober.

Many homes that provide transitional living allows indefinite time to be there if you follow house rules. This gives you space to recover at your own pace. Slowly, you can integrate back into home life a society free from substance abuse.