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Dream herbs for lucid and visionary dreams

Dream herbs are plants that are seen as a sacred spiritual tool in many primitive peoples. They are used to create visionary dreams that have the character of a trip. They also help to create lucid dreams, and it is easier to remember what happened in the night.

While dream herbs were viewed as spiritual tools and divine gifts, many people who have an interest in clearing dreams now consume them.

Usually “herbal mixtures” are consumed, which consist of different plants with partly different effects.

1) Celiac tree

Celiac tree is a medicinal plant spread in Ayurveda. It is supposed to improve the memory ability and increase the mental performance is as a vegetable nootropic.

In addition, the “Intellect tree” intensifies the dreams; the memory of the dream is also sharpened. One can take the seeds, the dose is about 5-10 seeds. They are taken well an hour before sleep, the effects should be adjusted after about 3-7 days.

2) Kratom

Kratom is already known as psychedelic herb. In high doses, it also has a psychedelic effect even in the waking state, even if the effect does not appeal to every consumer. If the plant is taken before sleep, it can trigger prophetic, visionary dreams, that is, have a trauma-intensifying effect.

The people of South East Asia traditionally use Kratom from centuries. They consume Kratom leaf by chew but you can also buy dried Kratom leaf, from which you can make a Kratom leaf tea. It can also be smoked and extracts are circulating, which are far more potent and can be swallowed. Usually one should use about 3-5g dried Kratom leaf for Kratom tea, the maximum single dose is about 10-20g.

3) Indian asparagus

The Indian asparagus is not a food but a widespread remedy in Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine is Asparagus.

This plant is prepared by boiling the dried or fresh root as a tea. The leaves can also be used as tea. The healing effects are that the digestion is improved, the circulation is strengthened and the appetite is stimulated.

Asparagus also acts as aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory, curative and dehydrating. The positive effect on the dreams make a good dream-herb, the dreams should be intensified and one should be able to hover through the universe.

4) Ikhathazo

Also called Larger Squid Flowers, Kalmoes, Iqwili and Lesoko. A South African trawler, whose powdered root is smoked or sniffed to achieve a trailing effect, according to Alepidea Amatymbica, dreams are supposed to be more beautiful and positive than without, not just more intense.

The dose required varies greatly, should begin with about 0.2-0.3g, and then, if desired, be metered in 0.1-0.2g increments.

5) Aztec dream-herb

This plant is also very common among the dream herbs, already the name, “Traumkraut”, says this. Of course, it grows in Mexico and Costa Rica. Traditionally the dream herb is used by the Chontal Indians from Mexico. They hope for their true vision and divine visions during their dreams.

The Indians use about 20-30g of plant material before sleeping; you should slowly approach the correct dosage. A good start dose is about 10g. From the dried dream herb one either produces a tea or pulverizes it swallows it into capsules.