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Health benefits of eating marijuana?

Prohibition of cannabis across the world has lead to the circulation of numerous myths. Cannabis or marijuana is often considered as taboo by common people as they think it is only used to make one stoned or laugh. People never thought that they will be recommended marijuana as a medical substitute or mixing marijuana with edibles will offer health benefits.

Continuous study and research on this natural and raw drug have helped researchers found a plethora of benefits associated with different intake processes of cannabis. Usually cannabis are smoked by rolling into joint, with bongs, cigars or vaporizer, however, smoking is considered to effect lungs and the effect is also low, the edibles are getting popularity for medical as well as recreational use.

The health benefits of eating marijuana in comparison to smoking are listed below

  1. The leaves are high on vitamin, fiber, and minerals

Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant which is cannabis sativa. They are used in three main forms namely marijuana, hashish and hash oil. Marijuana is made from dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. When looked at solely from the perspective of biochemical composition it has been stated that leaves are an excellent source of certain vitamin, minerals, and fibers which are similar to other green leafy plants. Considering the composition of raw cannabis is high in vitamin K and C along with high content of iron and calcium.

  1. Offers high anti-oxidant properties

Anti-oxidants are essential for human bodies as they protect from stress and other damage like cancer and blood vessel disease. They are highly reactive molecules which prevent the body from foreign elements. The researchers have stated that cooked as well as raw cannabis have a high amount of antioxidants that are required by the human body and hence with consumption of cannabis one can get the stuff you need.

  1. Has great pain-relief property

Cannabis are well known for their pain relief property, however, it has been stated that smoking cannabis has lower effect in comparison to eating it. People who ingest marijuana often experience a more intense and longer lasting full-body high than people who smoke it. Hence, eating cannabis provides more relief and for longer duration and the average time range from four to six hours.

  1. Used as a treatment for cancer

Earlier people had a perception that consumption of weed has an adverse health effect and might even cause cancer. However, medical research on cannabis and continues study states that cannabis could be used to fight cancer and in near future, they might be recommended by a medical expert to help reduce the symptoms and provide relief to people dealing with such dreadful disease. Researchers found that cannabinoids in THC help to isolate and eliminate the cancer cells.

Moreover, there are high chances one might not receive the desired effect from smoking when compared to consuming cannabis with edibles such as cookies, brownies, veggies, and toast.

Canada has become the second nation to legalize medical and recreational cannabis and hence is experiencing major economic changes. Namaste cannabis is one of the legalized producer and seller of cannabis which is well known to supply high-quality cannabis for recreational uses.