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Hiring the Right Personal Trainer

Whether you have decided to improve your health or you are targeting a specific athletic event, you may consider hiring a personal trainer. However, searching for “personal trainer Novato CA” may not produce the best trainer for you and your goals. You want a trainer who works well with you and gets you results.

Your Goals

Before you start contacting personal trainers, you should identify your fitness goals. For example, are you trying to lose weight, build muscle or improve stamina? Make sure your goals are quantifiable and your time frames are reasonable.

Identify what you expect from your personal trainer. For example, what personality type and training methods do you prefer? Some people don’t like someone who yells at them, while others may prefer this type of training. You may also determine what type of exercise you prefer because you may not continue working with a trainer who prefers an exercise type that you dislike.


Next, you should determine where you want to pursue your training. For example, do you already belong to a gym, or do you have a limited area in which you want to travel for training?


Study trainer bios, websites and reviews before contacting any of your trainers. Find trainers that employ methods that align with your goals.

The first question you should ask is whether the trainers are accepting new clients. Then, you may want to discuss their experience and specializations. Ask about any licensing, certifications or education they have received. Then, discuss their methods and equipment. Ask for references and pricing.


You also need to determine how your personal training will fit into your schedule. Then, when you meet with your prospective trainers, you can ask if this fits with their schedules or if you need to negotiate times.

Schedule a test session to determine whether you mesh well with your trainers. These may be offered for free or a reduced cost.

Don’t wait to pursue your health goals. Use these tips to find a great trainer.