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History Of Crack Vs Cocaine


Cocaine is the name of a high profile and a well known drug. Cocaine in scientific terms is hydrochloride salt which is in powdered form. When this powdered cocaine is combined with water and sodium bicarbonate and later boiled and converted into solid forms and the substance that if formed is sold in the market in the name of cracks. The name crack is derived from crackling sound which is produced while the substance is heated and smoked.

Due to high concentration, crack is highly addictive according to a report by Center of Substance Abuse Research. There is a difference in cocaine’s and crack’s appearance as well. Cocaine is in a white powdered form and crack is in rock form which can be of white, cream, or light brown color. There is a difference in their consumption manner as well. Cocaine is snorted while crack is smoked.

Effects and Risks

The purity of crack depends up on the quality of cocaine used in it. The effects can also vary according the quality and quantity of cocaine in the crack mixture. The effects of consuming crack are almost similar to consumption of cocaine although they are intense as compared to cocaine. The effects are mentioned below:

  • Dilated Pupils
  • Euphoria
  • High alertness
  • Intense cravings
  • Intense heart beats

Crack smoking can cause the above mentioned effects to hold more intensely as compared to cocaine due to the reason that crack is absorbed by the lungs membranes and shortly enters the blood streams and brain within a period of 10-15 seconds. As you can understand the intensity overdosing of crack can lead to severe risks like coma, convulsions and can even cause death. The symptoms of crack overdose can lead to higher pulse rate and hyper ventilation.

 If a person is addicted to crack for a longer period of time then it can lead to restlessness, anxiety disorder, irritability, depression, hallucinations and paranoia. It is easier to get addicted to cocaine or crack drugs as both are highly addictive. The main problem arises when a person decided to initiate the withdrawal process by crack addiction treatment Orange County. The symptoms of withdrawal are enlisted below:

  • Intense craving
  • Anxiety attack
  • Depression
  • Aggression
  • Muscle strain
  • Severe fatigue
  • Criminal and suicidal thoughts

Usage of Crack & Cocaine

  • Cocaine was initially a riches drug when it was introduced to the world of adductors. It was very expensive and can highly cost the users. Crack on the other hand was a cheaper choice. This made it easily available to the users. As an economic option it is more accessible to lower economic class people. Hence crack came as a blessing to the substance abusers who hailed from lower economic backgrounds and who can’t afford to buy expensive cocaine.
  • People who want to get high and euphoric in a lesser time choose crack to consume as compared to cocaine. Many people start with consuming cocaine and then later on move to crack mainly due to two reasons namely the cost factor and secondly the duration and quality of euphoria attained by consuming crack. According to the reports of National Study on Drug Use and Health in the year 2008 revealed that there are 1.9 million cocaine customers out of which 359000 consumed cracks.