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History of sperm life

The word ‘sperm’ has Greek origin meaning seed. These male sex cells or gametes are produced in the testes from puberty until death. These male gametes are carried in semen which is fluid like substance. It carries the genetic information which is similar to the information present in the DNA of a male. This information is in the form of half strand which combines with the half strand of the egg to produce a zygote. However, a person would not reach the egg cell due to impotance or rapid onset of orgasm. The positive Kamagra dzialanie can treat these issues and can help the sperm to reach the egg. Peopl take the Kamagra bez recepty. How many sperms are released in each ejaculation and what is the life span of each span, everything will be discussed in this article.

Basic Information about Sperm cells

Sperm cells are smallest structure of the body that makes only 3 percent of semen volume. With each ejaculation, about 200 to 500 million spermatozoa are released. Semen is the fluid that protect and nourishes the sperm from harsh conditions. A mature sperm cell is about 0.05 millimeters long and it consists of a tail, head and body. Nucleus is present in the head part of the sperm cell which contain all the genetic information while the tail helps in propelling the sperms through the fluid. Moreover, these cells are quite amazing at swimming as they swim at a rate of approximately 3 millimeters per minute.

Lifespan of a sperm cell

The goal of a sperm cell is to reach the women’s egg but it encounter various obstacles on the way. These obstacles decreases the number of sperm cells. Only 10 to 20 sperm cell reaches the women’s egg out of those 500 million spermatozoa. They lives just a few minutes when they are outside the woman’s body as they needs moisture or warmth to live.

A sperm can survive about 1 to 2 days inside the women’s vagina, so it can impregnate the woman during this phase. If a proper environment is provided, then the sperm can live for about 3 to 5 days. A warm and moist environment suits the sperm cell but if the environment is dry, then the sperm cells will die immediately. These dead sperm cells can never be revived by re-adding moisture. So, the fallopian tubes is the right place for sperm cells as they can live up to 7 days in this moist and warm environment.

Things to improve the sperm health

The lifespan of a sperm can be improved by adopting several remedies or tips. Listed below are some of the tips that can improve the health of a sperm cell:

  • Some of the natural remedies include the use of maca root that can increase the sperm count and improve its lifespan.
  • Cut down the exposure of your genital area to smartphone or laptop radiations as it weaken the sperm cells.
  • Some herbs such as ashwagandha can improve the sperm concentration and ultimately enhances its fertility.
  • Reducing alcohol consumption improves the fertility by boosting the sperm count.
  • Relaxation exercises such as yoga is perfect for reducing stress and ultimately improves the lifespan and quality of sperm cells.

Impact on fertility

When a sperm cell is not able to reach the egg cell due to erectile dysfunction or anyother sexual disorder, then it would not be able to fertilize the egg. Various drugs are available in the market for treating these sexual disorders. One of the most popular one is Kamagra which is available in the form cream or pills. Taking Kamagra tabletki does not modify the sperm count but it can maintain erection which can helps in mobilizing the sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it. The Kamagra najtaniej ultimately helps in your ability to have intercourse. Almost every customer gives an optimistic Kamagra opinie.