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How a Clean House can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

An organized house can lead to happiness, great relationships and affect other life aspects. An endless to do task and piles of laundry can be exhausting, and can even mess with some parts of your life. Being organized can mean living a balanced life and enjoying more time with yourself.

By decluttering, it can help you improve your relationship, make more healthy choices and boost your exercise routine. Here are some ways a clean house can improve your physical and mental health.

It Can Reduce Depression and Stress

According to a study conducted in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, depression, fatigue and high level of stress hormone cortisol are more prominent in women who have cluttered homes than those who feel that their home is restorative and restful.

Researchers further said that when you come home to a to-do list and piles of things, your cortisol will increase instead of declining.

This scenario can take a significant toll on your health, sleep, and mood. From your list of tasks to finish, you are always in a hurry and forget to clean up and even disregard washing your hands after using the bathroom.

Thrillist recommends bio bidet for added comfort, pampering and improving health conditions. It cleans your nether regions properly thus decreasing the number of infections you may get. The best part is that it does this automatically, so you don’t have to use your hands.

It Can Help You Eat Better

A study in Psychological Science journal found that people working in a clean space for more than ten minutes choose an apple over chocolate bars than those who work in a messy area.

Clutter can be stressful for your brain this making you resort to overeating and choosing comfort food to cope.

It Boosts Your Productivity

It can be distracting when you have a lot of clutter around thus affecting your ability to focus. A report from Journal of Neuroscience reports that your visual cortex may overload when looking at a lot of things at once. This scenario can interfere with your brain’s processing ability.

An organized workplace can make anyone more efficient and productive which gives you more time to prepare a meal, get more sleep, exercise and relax.

It Helps Improve Relationships

A chaotic life can affect your bonds with other people. Clutter creates conflict and tension between couples. Your time gets wasted at looking for items among piles of things whereas this time should be spent with your loved ones.

A messy house creates an emotional and physical boundary that may prevent you from inviting friends over. We wouldn’t want that, would we? Having a clean house lessens your worries when it comes to thinking if the house is clean whenever someone comes to visit.


These are just some of your life’s aspects that a clutter-filled space can affect. They may be small, but they have a tremendous impact. Start cleaning and organizing to have a stress-free environment. You’d be thankful if you did.