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How bad are the side effects of Stanozolol?

For consuming the steroid in the right way, you have to understand the underlying Stanozolol side effects. There are potential side effects relates to consuming anabolic androgenic steroids and that doesn’t exclude Stanozolol. There are various aspects that can include negative reaction of all steroids. We can say that the hormone is quite mild and users must not worry about gynecomastia or water retention while taking the drug. This is because the drug will not be flavored and that means the side effects of Stanozolol is less noticeable compared to other steroids.

Negative effects of Stanozolol

Talking about serious Stanozolol side effects would mean putting cholesterol problem right on top. If you have bad cholesterol, you should avoid Winstrol as you might be predisposed to the condition. You are not supposed to follow diets that would not have cholesterol-friendly items in case you want to use this steroid. Your diet should have fatty acids as it can enhance the level of cholesterol. For maintaining the standard, you need to consume such products every day. The drug might convert to the female sex hormone estrogen, and it could be tough to determine the positive or negative impacts of this. There is high chance to see the testosterone level suppress with Winstrol. The natural productions get inhibited by almost all steroids, but the difference lies in how much it actually gets suppressed from each steroid. With Stanozolol, the level will drop down and lead to less sexual desire and changes in sperm count. When you use this additive, you are recommended to combine it with testosterone in a way that normalizes the level of the androgen.

Women can also face serious problems like virilization. The process destructs femininity, not only by physical appearance but also by depending voice, growing more body hair, clitoral expansion, and more. A lot of women opt to stack the drug and keep the doses low. However, they should stop completely if detected of virilization. Now paying attention to symptoms can lead to several problems, so you need to be responsible for considering the steroid.

Stanozolol Safety

People commonly tip the balance between using the dose and cause required results for ensuring that such doses are not very high. They lead to adverse effects within a short and long-term.

The recommended dose of Stanozolol injection for men is 35 to 75 mg per day, and 25-50 mg of oral Stanozolol for around 6-8 weeks. The recommended dose for women is 5-10 mg every day and for around 4-6 weeks.

Some men can use high dosage like about 100 mg per day for 2 weeks in the cutting cycle. You are recommended to have several Winstrol dosages on alternatives days, as each dose will be active on for 8 hours. You need to take intermittent doses for capsules for maintaining a great level, while Stanozolol Depot could be administered once a day for ensuring the level of blood for the compound is maintained. Some Stanozolol effects, like it convert to the female sex hormone estrogen and virilization, might not be avoidable. However, you have to maintain safety with your dosages