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How To Ensure Optimal Oral Health

Caring for your smile starts with good home care, but you also need to make regular visits to see your dentist. Here are five ways to have great oral health.

  1. Floss Every Day

If you brush three times a day but every day but don’t floss at least once a day, you’re skipping a crucial part of maintaining good oral health. More food and plaque become trapped in between teeth than on the surface. It’s essential to floss every day in order to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease.

  1. See Your Dentist and Dental Hygienist Regularly

You need to have your teeth cleaned every six months at a minimum. Some people need to have their teeth cleaned every three to four months. You also need to have your teeth periodically X-rayed and examined to identify any possible problems. When you’re looking for a dentist Broomfield CO, choose a practice that offers a variety of services so you can have all of your dental needs comprehensively managed.

  1. Use an Oral Irrigator

Another great way to clean between your teeth is to use an oral irrigator. This instrument shoots a small pressurized stream of water that can clean hard-to-reach places between your teeth and below the gum line.

  1. Brush Below the Gum Line

When plaque is stuck on the surface of your teeth, it’s often trapped between your teeth and the gum line. This leads to tartar build-up and heavy staining, and it can cause large pockets to form in between your teeth and gums. Brush softly just below the gum line to clean it.

  1. Wear a Night Guard

Some of the worst damage that people do their teeth doesn’t result from skipping dental visits or not practicing good home care. Clenching and grinding can result in cracked and broken teeth, broken dental work, and even misalignment. If you are prone to this behavior, the best way to prevent damage from happening is to wear a nightguard consistently.