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How To Evaluate You Are In Stress?

Although the term “stress” has now become a part of our common language, this word is often used vaguely and imprecisely. Many people use, in fact, this word as synonymous with psychological illness or anxiety. Truly banal, stress is a reaction to a wretched situation where the demands of the environment and of modern life exceed the ability of a person to adapt and resources. Stress can be understood as an overload of stimuli: those who are stressed must be distracted between different tasks that require different and often conflicting skills, but even while doing their best they can not do everything. It’s important to know that stress is not just about ordinary people with normal lives. Let’s take a deserve, but unfortunately, widespread example of a married woman with a small child, a full time job away from home and a home to go ahead. This woman’s life is a race simultaneously conflicting needs among them.
Potentially all the changes, even positive ones like getting married, starting work, having a son are a source of stress is only temporary and is offset by the satisfaction that comes from the new condition. There are however a number of situations that involve much greater stress and put our psychological balance to the test. Some of the most stressful life conditions are:

Having a serious chronic illness, assisting a divorced, dismissed, long-term employed, mobbing, having serious economic problems, abuses and violence. Fortunately, there are protective factors against stress such as having good friends or a good relationship with a couple. For example, being a divorce with economic problems and two children to grow is in itself a very stressful life condition, but stress can be greatly mitigated if you are lucky enough to receive affectionate support from relatives and friends.

Paradoxically, the long-term unemployed who can not do projects for the future and who has all the free time in the world, can feel more stressed than a manager who does not even have time to breathe or a mother with three small children!

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